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Asar Sesheta

Lesson One
1.Summarize the plot of the Asarian Resurrection Myth.

•This metaphorical story centers on the main divinities Asar, Aset and Heru. It’s about how the trinity of Asar, Aset and Heru leads human beings to spiritual awakening (enlightenment) and the resurrection of their soul. It outlines how the soul (Asar) came into being in time and space (creation), becomes dismembered by Set (the lower self, egoism), forgets their true nature and becomes resurrected by Aset (intuitional Wisdom). Asar (Soul) and Aset (Intuitional Wisdom) had a son Heru (spiritual aspiration). Heru battles Set, becomes victorious and takes his place on the throne. Set, while he represents egoism, greed, lust, etc, is not an evil or devil personality because when the ego is purified Set becomes Set Nebi RA protecting the boat of RA. In the myth, the union of Heru and Set symbolizes the union of the higher and lower self.

More detailed summary:
•In the beginning creation came into being when the divinity Nun lifts the boat of Ra from the primeval waters which is unformed matter (NuNu). This lifting of the boat causes rippling waves in the ocean to create the cosmic elements (water, air, fire, planets, etc.).
•Ra shines his lotus sun rays on the world (with his sun disk, which is the sun in the sky) creating divinities. He created Maat, Shu and Tefnut, Geb and Nut. Shu separated heaven and earth bringing physical duality into being. The same boat of Ra that arose out of creation travels across the sky as the morning boat and the evening boat. This symbolizes the movement of the cosmic forces in time and space.
•Ra created other divinities as well. From the union between Get and Nut came Aset, Asar, Set and Nebethet.
•Aset, Asar, Set and Nebethet were sent to govern the earthly realm (our consciousness). Djehuti and Sesheta were also sent to bring the wisdom of writing and knowledge.
•Ra made Asar and Aset king and Queen of Egypt (Kemet).
•They helped people become civilized and thrived. Asar traveled around the world to bring peace.
•Upon his return people rejoiced. Set being jealous of Asar, became enraged, killed him and threw his body into the Nile river. His body was shredded into little pieces and scattered the pieces around the world.
•Aset, Anpu Wepwat and sebek and Nebethet searched the world relentlessly for the body of Asar. All the pieces of Asar’s body were retrieved with the exception of the phallus which was eaten by a fish.
•The body of Asar had grown into a three and the tree turned into a pillar. Aset found and retrieve the pillar. She remembered the pieces of Asar’s body, uttered chants and blew air all over it until he became resurrected. Aset protected the body of Asar with her wings as she blew air on it.
•Thereafter Asar (the soul) and Aset (intuitional wisdom) conceived a child called Heru.
•Asar is revived in the context of a spiritual being in the form of Asar-Seker ruler and king of the netherworld and judge over the living and the dead.
•Set pushed Aset into exile when she was pregnant and she was hiding in the papyrus swamps. Set took over the throne after killing Asar. Aset must hide and protect Heru (spiritual aspiration) from the jealousy and insanity of Set (egoism and feters of Set).
•Heru is protected from harm by goddess Selket along with 7 scorpion helpers. Aset nursing the child with her wisdom.
•Heru and Set had several battles and Set would take the form of animals such as the hippo. Heru was able to strike Set and so was Aset. Set asked for Mercy from Aset and when she offered compassion and Mercy to Set. Heru became angered and cut off her head.
•During the battle Set hurt the Eyes of Heru causing him to be temporarily blind.
•Hetheru (daughter of Ra, the light and strength of the (RA) sun) assisted him so that he could see again. She healed his Right Eye. Djehuty helps to heal the Left Eye of Heru. With his Udjat Eye (awakening to Divine consciousness) restored Heru embarked on claiming his throne.
•Heru and Set went to the tribunal the gods and goddess of the boat. Heru states he is rightful king.
•The 9 divinities said Heru is right however Ra was unsure. With decision made, letters were sent to the Goddess Net (progenitor of Aset) and she says give the throne to Heru. But it is still undecided.
•Djehuty suggests taking it to Asar who is the king of the netherworld where he is now Asar-Sokar.
•Asar-Sokar received the letter and was very angry about the treatment of Heru now and how he had been treated as well. He demanded justice for his son Heru threatening he would release daemon on them and when they die and go to the netherworld they would suffer. It was reminder that even they as Gods and Goddesses will be judged by him. Heru was victorious but he would now have to prove himself.
•Because Heru and Set were of equal strength he had to unite with Ra (all encompassing, creator – dual divinity) and become Heru Behudet to defeat Set.
•Set accepts defeat. Set goes back to his original role which is Setna Nebi Ra the protector of the boat of Ra against the Apep serpent.

2.The main takeaways from the myth and the important teaching:
•This is a story about incarnated souls like me and the struggled to remember our true essence which is divine, all-encompassing oneness. I am Asar the individual manifestation of the universal soul. I am also Heru the aspirant seeking awakening and enlightenment.
•The soul (Asar) is dismembered by the feters of Set such as greed, anger, jealousy, egoism (unrighteousness).
•Dismemberment of Asar (Individual soul) from the universal soul leads to duality and separation and ignorance of one’s true nature which is the higher self.
•The feters of Set leads to ignorance of the higher self.
•We need Aset’s Intuitional wisdom, love and compassion to help us remember us.
•Hekau’s are powerful. As Aset uses it to revive Asar
•We need Aset wisdom to guide us until we can stand victorious just like she did for Heru.
•Heru needs to Unite with Ra because he and Set have equal strength and power.
•Set as Setna Nebi Ra is the protector of the boat of Ra. The purified ego can be of service.

3.Most important role of Aset

•Relentless (antet begag) in her protection of Asar (soul) as evidence by her search for his body, re-member (sekau, remember these teaching and don’t forget) and riving it.
•Devine love for Heru, even though Heru (Herufy – head of Heru and neck of Set) cut off her head in rage she doesn’t stop teaching him.
•She shows detached and dispassion (Kak-Ab) even after Heru cuts off her head.
•She has compassion for Set (lower self, ego personality) because we need that as we work through the struggle of remembering our higher self.
•She assisted Heru in the fight against Set (egoism, feters of Set). Without her wisdom he would not have had the awakened consciousness to overcome Set and plead his case to the tribunal.
•Our Ego is trying to imprison and enslave our intuitional wisdom because it does not us to know her. Our Ego does not want us to use our intuition to know what’s right.
•She tricks Set into admitting his ignorance and treachery in stealing the throne from Heru as evidenced by when she changed into a beautiful woman and spoke to Set he agreed that it was wrong. We must learn to trick the ego to bend it to our will.
•Aset remind us that the world has nothing to offer so we have to develop a plan to know RA the way she was fed us and sought to discover RA we should reject worldly things through our shedy practices.
•It’s her devotion and diligence that allows her to find Asar. So we too should have the same devotion and diligence towards finding our higher selves.

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