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Phoenix Hetep MAAT

Udja, Peace and Blessings

Lesson 26 Reading Assignment (pgs. 179-192)
Pg. 179- Keep a Spiritual diary.
Pg. 181- How should an aspirant think about their spiritual checklist and how diligent should they try to be with it?
– The Spiritual checklist is an important tool that should be implemented on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. As an aspirant continues to strive towards enlightenment, they will experience periods of stagnancy. They will also find themselves placing certain worldly desires in with the spiritual practices and this causes imbalance which makes the effectiveness of the Shedy practices difficult to happen (or not happen at all). So, an aspirant must continue to be diligent and consistent in their worships, chanting, studies etc. Instead of making excuses to not make up for times where these may have been missed, and aspirant should increase their study and worship time when able to do so. They should also ask questions for insight or help from their Preceptor if after they have tried to advance from certain difficulties, they are still needing guidance.
Pg. 185- All of life’s activities are ritualistic to some degree.
Pg. 187- When you approach a teacher bring an offering.
– Also, come with patience and a spirit of joy. Then you will discover the true meaning of what the teaching really means.