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Phoenix Hetep MAAT


Audio Assignment (Lesson 24- 220 The Etiquette and decorum for Initiates)
• What are the main teachings brought out in the audio lecture recording? Explain in your own words
o How to conduct yourself as an initiate in the presence of other initiates and your Spiritual Preceptor in the Temple
 Before entering into the Temple, you must wash yourself- Physically, Mentally, and your Speech
 Leave all worldly things outside of the Temple
 The postures that are allowed in the Kemetic Posture
 How to greet the Spiritual Preceptor
 Clothing that is wore when in the Temple
o Applying the teachings throughout the day not just during Worship times
 Chanting/ Divine Singing
 Meditating
 Listening to recordings
 Attending classes
 Reflecting
 Yoga Postures
o The Importance of Integral Yoga- Bringing your body in line with your Spiritual consciousness.
 Your mind has to be constantly turned towards the Divine in a Balanced way.
 Movement has to be ordered and Balanced- Allow the Divine Fire (Udja) within you to grow in a slow and steady way (Being a Shemsu)
o The Philosophy of the Seba
 The Seba will always be “male” and the student will always be “female” regardless of the persons actual gender. What that means is that the illuminator is shining on you just like the sun shines on the moon (a symbol of mind). The moon receives the illumination from the sun- the student receives the illumination from the teacher. The illumination is a reception or being in a female capacity just as sexes in an ordinary sexual relationship- the male emitting and the female receiving. The female receives, takes, and creates a fertilized egg and brings forth life- In the same way the student is to allow their mind to become pregnant with the teachings and through the teachings eventually give birth to enlightened consciousness.
o The relationships inside the temple
 It is ok to be friendly in the temple with other initiates, however we are not to bring up worldly things to discuss or be overly sociable. The main focus should be on the Teachings being brought by the Spiritual Preceptor.
o Becoming the ‘Actionless actor’
 It is the Divine doing the action through us for the Divine (others), not we ourselves doing them (the ego-individual self). We are to give selfless service, not expecting anything in return because the ‘satisfaction’ is in knowing that we are servicing the Divine, that is all the validation we need. It also frees the mind from entanglements and ignorance, allowing one to experience Abiding Peace and grow closer to becoming one with the Divine.
• Are you currently implementing the teaching given in the book and the lecture? If so which one(s)? Yes
o I have yet to visit a physical temple that follows the Kemetic Yoga practices. However, when I attend the weekly meetings and Ushet with fellow initiates and Sebai Maa/Seba Dja- even during my daily worships etc. in my personal temple, I do implement these teachings given in this lesson regarding our etiquette in the temple.
o I make sure to implement the various ways to apply the teaching as mentioned above, even if I don’t have time and can only take a few minutes to do it. Doing this has really helped me to grow out of the misunderstanding that my spiritual practices are separate from my practical life. Instead they are the key ingredient needed to be infused in all aspects. Seba Dja mentioned in a previous chat meeting that in times where life might get busy for a period of time because of tragedy, family issues, job changes etc. causing a decrease in making time for the teachings, MAAT can and should always be practiced/implemented.
o I continue to practice the teachings in an Integral way
o Becoming an ‘Actionless Actor’ can be challenging for me during difficult times, like when I have to help someone that I don’t particularly care for, after I just finished having a disagreement with someone and need to help them, or when someone asks me to do something for them in a very chauvinistic way. It’s harder for me to apply the philosophy in these experiences because of previous negative aryu, but I continue to strive to overcome this form of ignorance.
Speaking from a more subtle aspect- there are moments when I will give a service to someone and there’s a part of me that will look for validation or expect something in return. I have grown to become aware of those moments and reflect on the underlying reason as to why it happens. I also try to think about the teachings in those moments as well.
Volunteering, helping and continuing to give to others while staying consistent with my meditation and devotion on the Divine being ALL things so it is the Divine, I am giving service to, as well as the Divine (I) giving the service, has really been helping me purify any negative aryu in this area.