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Phoenix Hetep MAAT


Reading Assignment (Lessons 24- pgs. 155-168)
Pg. 155- The Daily Worship Program consists of three worships during the day.
How should an aspirant think about their personal practice, how much importance to assign to it and what should they do about taking the time to make the threefold observance when at work, and home, around others who follow other traditions, or when nobody knows what they are doing?
– An aspirant should think about their spiritual practice as one of the most important components to consistently implement daily in order to grow on the path towards Enlightenment. During times where one is able to do a full worship, they should discipline themselves in doing so, adhering to and doing all aspects of what the daily worships entitle.
During times where an aspirant may be at work or interacting with other people, they may not be able to perform the daily worship in its entirety, but one should still say a chant, silently recite a prayer and/or reflect on the teachings like the 42 Percepts of MAAT.
Anytime an aspirant can commit towards their spiritual practice is better than no time at all. When an aspirant is with people who follow other spiritual practices or those who won’t understand the practices, they should excuse themselves and go to a private area, so they don’t cause disruption, or make someone uncomfortable.
Pg. 157- Choose an icon according to your spiritual inclination.
Pg. 159- Describe the “Hetep Slab”
– A tantric symbol and ritual artifact from Ancient Egypt made out of a stone slab. It has a male (thigh) and female (duck) symbols carved into it with the symbol of Supreme Peace (Hetep) above them. The Hetep symbol consists of a loaf of bread and an offering mat, and the slab has two libation vessels in the middle. The offering table has grooves surrounding the outer layer, this channels the libation around the offering towards the front and center, then out through the outermost point of the protruding section.
Pg. 161- You should try not to come into the temple harboring thoughts of anger, hatred, greed, lust, jealousy, envy, and so forth.
Pg. 163- Write a brief essay on how to conduct oneself in the temple:
– While in the temple you want to be silent rather than talkative, introverted. You want to be dedicated, and meditative- if the program has not started yet, you want to come in sit down, prostrate or do whatever is necessary then quietly take your seat. You do not want to be loud, that is for the outside world. In the temple, you want to discover the inner world.
The temple is not a social place or party to show off your Kemetian material things, this is a form of egoism not initiation. You must be in a serious mind if you enter into initiation.
What is the meaning of the term Seba?
– Preceptor
– Star- an illuminating force, a shining object
Pg. 165- Name the different ways one can sit in the temple.
– Cross- legged posture
– Lotus/Half Lotus posture
– Sitting on a chair with your legs together and your hands on both sides of your thighs
– Sitting on the ground with your feet together as if you were sitting in a chair (grasping your legs side to side and holding them together).
– Sitting on your knees and your heels
Pg. 167- Hygiene of your body, speech, and of your mind are the three main concerns for an initiate.