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Asar Maat E

Submitted by: Asar Maat


Now re-view the ritual program and pick out the following:
1-your assessment of how the program step by step organization worked out, based on the ritual program outline; did everything go as planned?

The ritual was conducted in seven major phases.
Phase I – Entrance Opening
This phase involving a procession to the ritual area with slow chant and processional music occurred as planned with the exception of a very late start.

Phase II – Purification
This phase occurred once in the ritual room outside of the ritual area with the group receiving purification by water from a priest.

Phase III – Offering
The altar offering component ran smoothly.

Phase IV Invocation & Phase V Reenactment
These phases of the ritual occurred in three parts with the boat artifact being was passed along from panel 1 to 2 to 3 with a reading of the scripture and placement of the offering. The stop at each panel went as planned although we missed reading the scripture at panel one.

Phase VI Closing
The closing of the ritual went well with Sebai providing a few words about the panels and artifacts. Sebai Maa opted not to have a meditation due to the late hour.

Phase VII Exit
The devotional song at the end along with partaking in the offering of the cakes was Nefer.

2-Were there any errors in execution or was everything ok?
Any mishaps?

The greatest mishap occurred before the actual ritual during the step-up time. A tea light candle caught fire to the garment of Unut UnShen. That fire caught very quickly, potentially damaging life and property. Later in the ritual it was necessary to put out several other tea lights to avoid participants brushing up again them. In the future, the use of artificial candles would reduce the chance of fire.

In Phase II there was a limited amount of space at the door. Perhaps the panel could have been moved back further to position everyone more easily. The group was initially directed to the left but we had to re-direct them back to the ritual table.

During Phase VI closing the moving of the panels to accommodate the seating did not occur as smoothly as planned despite our efforts to set the panels up to move behind the chairs. Nonetheless, it was not disruptive to the participants.

3-were there any special challenges or issues in A-organizing and/or B -carrying out the program?

The organizing of the two ritual meetings prior to the conference helped with the unut working well together in carrying out the program. Dua

4-what areas can be improved on? if so list them.
Use artificial tea light candles instead of real candles
Notify the community in advance that the ritual will be a late-night event or set the start time later in the schedule.

Dua for the nefer opportunity to learn and partake in the ancient practice of ritual. Htp