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Bastu Akhu

Part 2 Assignment:

Now re-view the ritual program and pick out the following:

1-your assessment of how the program step by step organization worked out, based on the ritual program outline; did everything go as planned?

The step by step details for the most part worked out as planned based on the ritual program, however we were still adjusting up until the start of the ritual program.

2-Were there any errors in execution or was everything ok?
Any mishaps?
Overall there were few errors. I recall the fire as well that others stated in their reply and Sehu mentioning missing a reading. Also the closing phase of the program was missing the meditation segment due to time.

3-were there any special challenges or issues in A-organizing and/or B -carrying out the program? I think we worked well together in organizing with our meetings prior to the ritual. I would say the challenge was not having enough time once we got there to go over the program a bit more like Unut Unshen suggested we do on the day of.

4-what areas can be improved on? if so list them.

1. Time ritual begins
2. Time if possible to run through program when we arrive at facility

Bastu Akhu