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Un Shen

Part 2 – Assignment

1. Assessment of how the program, step by step organization worked out, based on the ritual program outline; did everything go as planned?

Overall, the program organization was arranged very well relative to the ritual outline, considering that the Hemu & Bastu were spread out across the country – predominantly coordinating the ritual planning efforts via teleconference. Everything did not go as planned; however, several pre-ritual practices would have been useful.

2. Were there any errors in execution or was everything ok? Any mishaps?

As noted in part 1 of my ritual assessment, the invocational reading at panel 1 was unintentionally missed. Also, the Divine food offering was initially missed; however, was correctly invoked after this initial mishap.

3. Were there any special challenges or issues in A – organizing and/or B – carrying out the program?

As my response to question 1 alludes, organizing the ritual program “across the miles” presents challenges, however, does not pose insurmountable odds, as it were. The consistent meetings held by the Hemu & Bastu definitely engendered a harmonious clerical working environment pre-conference, which helped to offset the possibility of stressful energy due to mistakes during the ritual. In short, the congenial Sen/Senti nature expressed in the teleconferences gave rise to a sense of familiarity, ease and peace that carried over to the Neterian conference and counteracted potential tensions.

4. What areas can be improved on? If so, list them
a.Earlier start time for ritual(s)
b.Consider having two rituals, similar to NC2018
i.This approach allowed for smaller ritual working groups
ii.Both rituals began and ended relatively early
iii.Ritual participants were more awake and at ease, since each ritual
started around 9 pm or so