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Sehu Khepera


Now re-view the ritual program and pick out the following:
1-your assessment of how the program step by step organization worked out, based on the ritual program outline; did everything go as planned?

I think the program generally went as planned. There was one mis-step that I caught but later in the program, we did not read the text for panel 1. Otherwise I think the planning went well and the ritual did proceed and was completed as planned.

2-Were there any errors in execution or was everything ok?
Any mishaps?

I detected no other mishaps.

3-were there any special challenges or issues in A-organizing and/or B -carrying out the program?

I don’t think there were any special challenges except that we did a good deal of planning via internet. However, that is our norm.

4-what areas can be improved on? if so list them.

I think we need more time in setting up the room to relieve any time pressures. So maybe (this is only a suggestion open to refutation or adjustment) we can do the children’s program during the day time and do the ritual at night, so to place the children’s program in to the conference because it is theatre reenactment and then do the major ritual at night so that gives us more time to set up the room for the ritual.