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RaKhem KhepeRa

EM Level 1 Lesson 7 Reading Assignment

1. Akhu’s are Light Beings.
2. The goal of Neterian disciplines is to discover the meaning of “Who am I”, to unravel the mysteries of life and to fathom the depths of eternity and infinity.
3. How should an aspirant think about the diet of the initiates as espoused by the temple of Aset and is it a realistic goal to be achieved? The diets of the initiates were considered a highly guarded secret. The initiates kept and even more strict diet than lay peoples. This lifestyle propels the initiates on the path, not only is it realistic but often very necessary.
4. The initiates at the same diet as the common folk? False, initiates were on a a more strict diet.
5. As a part of you spiritual program begin controlling your intake of FOOD Gradually.
6. Who’s favorite food is lettuce? Heru and Set’s favorite food was lettuce.
7. If your family members are not interested or do not understand what you are trying to do, what should you do? Simply maintain your practices in private, try to keep the interruptions to a minimum.
8. Once you have established a schedule of minimal time to devote to practices, what should you do? Keep your schedule if at all possible.
9. One should start your spiritual practices with? Breathing
10. What is the minimum time for meditation? 10 minutes

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