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I found the conference ritual very nice and very powerful. The excitement, the atmosphere,+ and the associated teachings prior to this ritual really set the tone for this year’s ritual. The ritual was the formal process of acknowledging what was taught and what was received.
All of our rituals are so crucial in our cultural conditioning in what it means to be Neterians. I feel that our yearly conference ritual cements who we are. The preparation, the purification, the chants, the readings, the arit, the gazing upon the image of the Divine were all critical ritual components to help transform our consciousness of that of a lowly human personality to that of dare I say Nebertjer. And indeed my heart was racing when I was taking part in such a momentous purifying occasion.
I was prepared to not participate in this year’s ritual. When I can’t logically figure things out l generally surrender to present conditions/constraints. I’m glad that the Neterus opened a way for me and those who came with me to experience the ritual. When I saw how Shems Ptah and Shems Nefer Sat Ra were so awed by the ritual I knew that we made the right decision to stay. Fortunately, the Neteru guided us through the long drive home without having the proper rest. We were full and energized by the food of the Gods…Dua Sebai Maa, Dua Seba Dja, Dua Unut!