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Bastu Baket


Now re-view the ritual program and pick out the following:
1-your assessment of how the program step by step organization worked out, based on the ritual program outline; did everything go as planned?

In my estimation I believe we planned as well as we could without being in the facility and seeing the layout and size of the actual panels. Sebai had given us a very helpful list of items we would need such as the crook and flail, lettuce, milk thistle, hetep slabs, kamut bread and shared the scripture readings for each panel. The preparation of the kamut loaves was carefully vetted and created with much devotion. The lettuce and milk thistle plants seemed to have packing/shipping issues but that was overcome with acquiring the organic Romaine lettuce leaves. The Neteru even allowed us to purchase the vases for them which really weren’t for purchase!

On site the preparations came more in to view as we could then see the layout and how it flowed with the lectures giving us more insight.

2-Were there any errors in execution or was everything ok? It was mentioned by Sehu Khepera about the omission of scripture readings but still the reverence and experience of the presentation of the crook and flail were prominent in the minds of all and what they symbolized.
Any mishaps? One mishap I believe frightened us all was with the tea light candles. I had a few of the electric tea lights that I shared and I agree with Asar Maat that purchasing of electric tea lights is a safer idea. Especially with young children participating in the ritual.

3-were there any special challenges or issues in A-organizing and/or B -carrying out the program?

A) Any organizational challenges to attending the 3 preparatory meetings I feel were overcome by having the recordings available to those who were unable to attend the live meetings. Also having the items brought down from Atlanta (Dua Asar Djehuty Se Hetep) was challenging but now that they are in a storage area this should assist us in the future.

B) As to carrying out the program – Having the Hetep Slabs so low to the floor presented an issue that was quickly handled by Bastu Heryt’s nefer gift to the Bastu of the alabaster bowls.

4-what areas can be improved on? if so list them:
a. Timeliness of getting the information about the ritual would be helpful especially if specialty items are necessary.

b. Also perhaps not having an evening lecture on the night of the ritual would assist in its execution not being so late.

Dua to Sebai Maa, Seba Dja and All Unutu for a very special, endearing and devotional experience of making the teachings come to life within the Ritual.

Bastu Baket