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Asar Maat E

POSTED ON BEHALF OF Ab Setna Nebi Ra (due to technical difficulities).

Udja Sebai Maa, Sba Dja, Hemu and Bastu, In response to Sbai’s questions

How did it feel to experience the ritual?:

It is always a humbling experience to be part of the ritual, especially in relation to an espoused teachings. It has a way of bringing the mythology and philosophy alive. This particular year, a different viewpoint was experienced in terms of a participatory role whereby not engaging in the role as Sem or Kheri Heb. The vantage point was nonetheless unique. We were bringing to bear the culmination of a teaching that highlighted the Trinity of Amun Ra and Ptah, that circumvents the ideal of the manifestation of the Divine from subtlety to gross manifestation. Or as in this case, ritually, from grossness to subtlety. As well as our identification as that Divinity.

The panels brought a special feel to the entire experience. As a matter of fact, during our set up mode, interactions between ourselves and Sebai. As a builder, I couldn’t help but feel a kind of closeness to the mind of builders past. As an example, when we were discussing, if we should arrange the panels in a bullhorn fashion to give it a temple effect. Sebai’s interjection was, nice idea, however it isn’t common to see it in that way. Meaning the bullhorn effect is usually top and bottom and not side and side. It greatly lent to the thought the role architecture plays in having an effect on body and mind and sometimes or oft times participants are clueless to their environs and its effect on their person.

The overall feeling of the ritual was one of serenity and tranquility. Having the opportunity to lead the second part of the chant brought an enhanced feeling. Devotion always have an effect on my feelings that is hard to put in words. It’s as if nothing else matters. I feel transported and this time was no different. Shems Arit and Asar Djehuty Se Htp did a marvelous job to set the tone and mood of the procession. The Bastu and Hemu in their demeanor and expression under the guidance of the Sebaiu all contributed in creating an atmosphere that was conducive to an uplifting experience that only being there can serve justice to its description and feeling.

How do you think it was received?
In queuing up prior to the procession, there was a sense of intrigue, especially those there for the first time. Not knowing what to expect. In conversations past with Sebai, he has reiterated that’s something endeavors, for participants to have a sense of mystique.
That was intuitively present, also in facial expressions. Although they were signs of tiredness, there was still that sense of inquiry of what is this all about. I did inquire of 3 students, two who were there for the first time and one established student and asked them of their experience. The established student response was that it was very emotional, brought tears to their eyes; one of the first time attendees at conference said they were in a surreal place, couldn’t find words to explain, just felt lifted very high. Second attendee just had one word, spectacular, that they didn’t expect anything like that.
Overall, another successful and wonderful retreat and experience.

Ab Setna Nebi Ra.