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Phoenix Hetep MAAT

Udja, Peace and Blessings

Audio Assignment (Lesson 20- What is necessary for Success in the Spiritual Practice cont.)
1. What are the main teachings brought out in the audio lecture recording? Explain in your own words
– Levels of degradation cause a negative trance (snowball effect). Leading a life of Yoga and meditation can liberate a person from this state of being. It also purifies and eradicates you from past negative aryu (An-MAAT) allowing you to create positive aryu (MAAT).
– Misconception- “A person should speak Truth all the time”- Truth should be used in a manner that brings a greater good. Some people tell truth to hurt people or for some sort of gain. Any truth as egoistic, will cause impressions of vice and entanglements. These “truths” prevent you from the Higher Truth.
– Truth should not be spoken in a manner that is going to lead to negativity. Perfection in your action- MAAT
– God is doing everything through you- You are God- The higher form of Action
– Your Spiritual practice should be daily/ regular. It should not be fanatical, as you grow in your Shedy practices the time will gradually increase.
– Practice should be formal and informal. Your formal practice should merge into your informal. After having done a formal practice, when going out into the practical world, the teachings should be implemented and reflected upon. In doing this you will grow and expand experiencing Spiritual evolution.
– Having lived a life of worldliness, it is going to take some time to purify. It is possible when you apply Focus in all things
– Do not procrastinate what needs to be done to purify yourself. Practice what you Teach
– Don’t stop on your spiritual journey, no matter how slow things may be going or how busy practical life can get. There will be times where the teachings will take longer to implement, purification takes longer to reach, spiritual realization takes longer to happen etc. When you stop because of these agitations, it causes you to fall back into a duller state than you will be when you continue to rise/grow in the Shedy practice.
– Every positive vibration that you are able to manifest WILL make a difference
– Ignore the agitation
2. Are you currently implementing the teaching given in the book and lecture?
If so which one(s)?
– I am a vegan, have been for almost a year now. Although I still struggle with eating certain processed foods and unhealthy snacks, I no longer eat meat and have not for the entire duration of my transition. I also partake in monthly fasting. I will continue to implement the disciplines given in the Shedy teachings and from Sebai Maa and Seba Dja on purifying the mind of entanglements/ impressions due to aryu when it comes to the other food consumptions I struggle with. Sometimes I end up giving in to the desire, I’ve learned to treat those moments as teachable lessons instead of giving in to those thoughts of defeat which lead to more mental entanglements/impressions as I would before. When that aryu comes back around I will use my Will Power to do Right Action resulting in positive aryu going forward.
– I do have a regular daily schedule when it comes to formal Shedy Practice. I make sure to give a designated time to each practice (Deep Breathing, Chanting, Devotion to the Divine, Studying the teachings, Meditating). When it comes to exercise, I’ve just recently implemented it into my practice time. It was helpful for me to start with the minimum time, because the gradual time increase happened naturally for me. It also allowed the integral manner in which the teachings are supposed to be utilized happen naturally too. When it comes to my informal practice, I just recently gained a better understanding as to how we are to go about doing it. Like most aspirants, I was too somewhat separating my Shedy from my practical life. I do implement the teachings (a little bit better when adversities aren’t happening compared to when they are), but there are times when I separate the two also. I am learning and growing into always keeping that state of awareness (Focus) that the Shedy is infused in all aspects of my life, MAAT being the greatest teaching to always live/DO!