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How did it feel to experience the ritual?
It was very nefer to be included in the ritual preparation and performance having completed the TOA course with Bastu Yashi. Dua Sebai Maa Dua Seba Dja and the Unut team for the warm welcome and inclusion. Being apart of the preparation created a chance to gain insight into the ritual process where the mind was directed toward not only how the ritual would be executed but the goal of the ritual, the transcendental experience being set up to have.
Performing rituals is one of the wonderful aspects of the Shetaut Neter practice I’ve enjoyed, especially those reenacted as a Unut/Priest or advancing initiate. There is a feeling of transformation that takes place in those moments where the level of awareness is heightened. The sacredness of the teachings being brought forth, the implements, the deeper understanding needed, the precision all becomes active. Whatever I don’t quite get during the myth/lecture usually all makes sense with the ritual.

This time however all the preparation leading up to and the feelings afterward made the ritual make sense. Traveling to the conference though it was a short distance was like traveling on our boats to the temple. Receiving the teachings was the understanding of the myth needed before carrying out the ritual. The procession and ritual cleansing/purification prepared the way for entering the temple as a royal personality. Being in the procession in line behind the boat was very insightful. The boat docking and yet still traveling from panel to panel gave further insight into the astral boat that travels into the duat nightly. All of the experiences up to this point lead to the identification with myself/higher experience of myself at each panel. the first two panels “came alive”.
Continuing to follow the boat to the last panel gave order and focus and a feeling of moving forward. I hinted earlier to my appreciation for performing rituals. However, At a point the ritual transitions and what is left is the experience of it. So how did it feel to experience the ritual, though I didn’t have a transcendental experience, it felt uplifting. It felt physical then abstract.

How was it received by the public for which it was intended?
Being apart of the preparation took the suspense of what was about to happen next away to an extent. Once the ritual started and the attendees became apart though it added another element of mindfulness to assure the ritual was done in a way that made it clear for them so they may also make the connection of the myth ritual and mysticism process. They seemed to have been paying close attention to everything and appeared interested and appreciative. I’m not sure they understood but the overall uplifting feeling of being in a “real” recreated temple and witnessing a “real” ritual seemed evident in the calm and peaceful vibe they gave off during and after.