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Un Shen

Assessment of the 2019 NC ritual

From the outset, the ritual had a revelatory feel to me. The procession initiated by the Sem Priest, Priestesses and Unutu coupled with the chant of Om, Amun, Ra, Ptah and accompanying drumming was deliberately slow, yet steady in feel and pace. Shemsu and Rekhytu were led in a meditative-like manner by the clergy around the inner perimeter of the retreat venue prior to entering the Temple enclosure. This effectively set an appropriate reflective tone for this particular ritual.

In the Temple room, the congregation was greeted with exquisite replications of several illustrious Temple panels from the beginning to the end of the ritual. The Clergy peacefully, yet earnestly conducted the ceremony with a disciplined devotion, which appeared to heighten the congregational experience. Prostration, Kemetic chants and water purification were performed before panel presentations were consecrated. This engendered an extremely high vibrational energy in the Temple room and helped prepare the congregation to effectively imbibe the ritual experience. Moreover, a strong feeling of adoration for/towards the Divine was imbued in all and thus, set the stage for a high vibrational ritual experience.

Thereafter, the congregation was led to panel 1 (i.e., Hypostyle Hall #2, Colonnade Statue) illustrating the Royal Personality of Ramses – holding a crook and flail in full Asarian glory. Libation was poured over the Hetep Slab, symbolizing union of the opposites. Although, the invocational reading was unintentionally missed at this panel, the devotional and reverential expression for/towards the Divine appeared to have a pure/powerful impact on the congregation beyond the physical.

The Sem Priest and Priestess led the congregation to the second panel. At panel 2, the congregation was blessed by the Unutu/Bastu. They carefully poured libation over the Hetep Slab and read specific sections of the transliterated glyphs along with the contextual English translations to further elevate the minds/attitudes/emotions of the congregation. The serene and thoughtful manner in which the Unutu/Bastu devotionally performed their panel operations was inspirational. Indeed, the vibrational energy of the Temple space was elevated.

At panel 3, the Temple of Amun-Ra at Abu Simbel was presented to the congregation. The Hemu performed their functions with tranquility, sanctity and sincere reverence for/towards the Divine. The libation was carefully poured over the Hetep Slab by the Sem Priest and Priestess. Afterwards, the readings by the Kheri Hebu preserved the level of peacefulness within the Temple room. The shrine housing the divinities and coffin coupled with the Om, Amun, Ra, Ptah chant that Uab led culminated the ritual on an expansive high for the congregation.
At each panel, the magnanimity and precision displayed in the Ancient Kemetic architecture showed that glorification of the Divine is the highest and primary system cultural development of humanity.

In closing, rituals performed at Neterian conferences provide me with a sense of what it was like in Ancient Kemet for the clergy to perform processionals and offer invocations to the Divine. The slow, steady nature of this ritual was particularly noteworthy. All indications suggest that the ritual was received very well by the congregation. To this end, one devotee commented that they were still feeling a (spiritual) high several days after the ritual.

Un Shen