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Asar Maat E

Udja –

Personal Ritual Assessment

The 2019 Neterian Conference Ritual program was impressionable on my personality in terms of both the preparatory process and the actual ritual itself. The joint preparation amongst the Hemu and Bastu allowed for the opportunity to build community and ritual knowledge in a smooth and efficient manner. Because the Bastu’s ritual last year was absolutely Nefer, it was a pleasure to know we would share in their thoughtful energy. It was also nefer for two new Bastu (Yashi & Ola) to have an opportunity to join in the preparation. Another impressionable component was the preparation of the ritual based on three distinct panels and their respective artifacts (crook & flail, lettuce and cakes). Having the opportunity to learn about the artifacts in advance and then see Sebai’s presentation gave added meaning and sacredness to the process. Beyond those nefer elements was the opportunity to personally identify a recipe and make the ritual cakes. The cakes were the artifact depicted in panel #3. The recipe included 3 main ingredients: Kamut berries, an ancient Egyptian grain, coconut milk/cream, and dates. To prepare the cakes I chose to follow a practice of purifying myself and the kitchen where the preparation was to occur, to sing hesi and chant hekau during preparation. For Sebai Maa & Seba Dja I formed the cakes into one circular cake cut into fours. The cakes for the priests and reckhyt were shaped into smaller sized oval shapes. As I was traveling from NY to FL special care in preserving and packing the cakes was taken. The entire process felt like an unfolding ritual that began weeks before the actual ritual. Dua for such a nefer experience.

With regard to the ritual itself, the program was nefer. The physical layout and display of the panels was a very unique and special feature of the conference. The room reflected the intimate close quarters of a temple. Theatrically, the transfer of the boat from one location to another was an exceptional reenactment along with the placement of the artifacts. Having a solo musical performance was a nefer element as well. The Hemu and Bastu worked very well together. Perhaps if we continue with late starts (the group preparation seems to require more time) we could forewarn the community more formally the ritual is a late event. Also, given the potential danger of using the candles, for the next conference it would be safer to invest in artificial candles.

With regard to feedback from the public, I did not receive any comments.

Dua Sebai Maa, Dua Seba Dja. Dua to all of the Unut for your Maat Ari.

Htp Asar Maat