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Bastu Yashi

Personal NC Ritual Assessment

Udja, all. I enjoy the month of December and look forward to a personal annual Goddess Festival and Celebration, in which I engage each year. This year was extra intriguing, as I completed the TTOA course and was asked to participate in NC Committee, for both ritual preparation and process. Leading up to the conference, and I enjoyed meditating and reflecting on the goddess, her principles, and the associated fasting and prayer rituals which I enjoyed daily at 6 am.

I noticed that this set a positive and calming vibration surrounding my travel to Florida, also the conference and ritual planning/preparation process. Viewing the panels prior to and then listening to the discourse on them also contributed to building a sense of oneness with the divine within. I enjoyed time of silent reflection and meditation on the principles covered which was truly nefer.

Reconnecting via Shedy, with Unut whom I previously studied in my initial learning stages was also an unexpected but highly integrative experience, contributing to further setting the tone for a positive and peaceful ritual process. Also, reflecting and meditating with peer Bastu leading to the ritual was also uplifting. I felt the energy of the goddess over the proceedings, this was reflected in Sebai Maas discussion of our panel, which included relating the royal person as human/god, unbound, uncircumscribed, Child of Ra, beloved by Amun, Heru/Khonsu as the divine child, a part of the divine trinity of Amun-Mut-Khonsu. Mother Aset was in place of Mut, Sebai noted the compatibility thereof.

The words spoken by Aset on the panel were particularly touching, her being identified as the great divine goddess of wisdom, mistress of heaven, queen mother in the inner chamber (innermost reality of the temple {self}). The royal personality was notably established as truth – the creator spirit. This was noted given by Aset, the higher self.

Assisting in reading the panel during the ritual was further inspiring to me, especially regarding its similarity to our TTOA chant and hekau, Dua ent Aset, which is part of my daily Shedy program. As I completed the ritual amid the Unut and participants, I felt truly as if we were the neteru. As Sebai Maa stated, as we look at one (all), we are to see the divine self. I will hold the ritual process and experience close in my heart {mind} this year as an uplifting and guiding process and lesson to move forward into more intensive studies of the divine wisdom within. Dua for reading, Htp.

Bastu Yashi