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Sehu Khepera

Udja Hemu,

This message is in regards to our recent Neterian conference. I found the philosophy rendered by SM through the Temple of Abu Simbel to be truly profound. Also the 360 exploration and investigations added a remarkable visual and psychic dimension to the lectures. There were members of the Hemu that were not there and do hope all is able to view the replays when they are given. Perhaps we as a Hemu we should create a pact that we all attend the conference each year if at all possible as it adds to our understanding of the teaching as a group along with our individual development within the tradition. It was hoped that all could have been there this year considering the nature of the philosophy that was in que for erudition. SM did a highly qualitative dissemination coupled with humor, tact, frankness and depth of insight. The ritual was wonderful, we have an assignment to write on our impressions of it. All of this to say that we should all be at the conference each year if at all possible especially considering the direction the technology is taking its deployment. There was a possibility that I would not have made the conference, so what I’m trying to say is that we should think in terms of doing what is necessary to support our collective and individual spiritual development, as a wise man once said, “money goes, wisdom stays.” And it is that wisdom that allows us to transcend the world and fructify the ultimate mission of the soul in a single lifetime which is even more significant considering the blight of climate change and the nations’ inability to address the issue sufficiently due to greed, hubris, ignorance and western culture and religion. On a final note, the conference is a good environment for us to discuss the serious issues of the teachings, go back and forth with our varying views in frankness but with good humor, understanding and compassion with always digging deeper in to the teaching to discover the truth of any issue. Dua to all Hemu who attended and Dua to those who did not attend but looked upon it with reverence and positive feelings.

….Htp, Sehu Khepera…