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Arit Neter S

August 26 video feedback (notes from Sebai Maa and Seba Dja, plus a few of my own)

Amenemopet: foundational, day-to-day efforts, compared to pruning the tree; practical, but without troubles or being bothered.

Ra and Aset: pull up the roots; Khak Ab. Central theme:dealing with egoism

Comment on Knowing the Name
If a person has language and the capacity for knowing the names of things, the problem lies in the belief system that goes along with the name.
If it is an intellectual person speaking, with great knowledge and little wisdom, the knowledge is believed.

“Science becomes a religion to those that believe in knowledge without knowing themselves or God. Ordinary people believe that they know things because they can name them. This is further delusion. For example, a Sage can have great wisdom, however cannot lecture at a scientific conference. One can lecture In all areas of knowing about the illusion. Can have all the knowledge you want about the illusion, but this does not help you define the true source of being beyond time and space. Sebai Maa.

People believe that having knowledge is the same as having wisdom.


Scientists have faith in science yet repudiate religion.

The practical knowledge should lead to Transcendental Wisdom.
Seek knowledge that leads to Khak Ab (to help you to let go of world and illusion) and the Transcendental Self. Knowledge that allows you to finally give up on your thinking mind that uses concepts based on identity as an individual. In order to have these concepts you must have a justifiable position: parsing creation, looking at it in pieces, then start comparing the fragments. This is judgement and delusion which leads to duality and away from oneness.

The primary mind needs to be understood and also, there must be a way to relax it so as to be able to perceive something other than the parsing, other than the judgement, the comparing. This would be awareness without parsing. Seeing the Oneness. This is Amun, the witnessing consciousness, which occurs before the observation process itself. So we are moving back and back into the Transcendental Space.

Three levels of Consciousness:
Witnessing Consciousness, consciousness with awareness. AMUN
Consciousness with the Parsing: ASET & DJEHUTY LEVEL OF MIND
The parsing of the Mind that perceives the Duality, ANPU INSTINCTUAL LEVEL OF MIND, DISCERNMENT.

“Superficial Knowing vs. Essential Knowing”
Seba Dja

Mystical Understanding of Knowing the Name of Something: 
When You Know Neberdjer, You Know Everything. 
(This insight gave birth to a Nefer Hekau wonderful chant/song!)

Ruff Scratch Track with Band

Knowing Ra’s name means that you know Neberdjer. Knowing the name of a cup provides only superficial knowledge. Nothing about its materials, where it was made, when was it made, who made it, etc.

Edit for answer about verse #11: Reflections of Aset

She considered Akhu Shepsy, but actually rejected this, (and in a later verse) chose to Ta Mi Ra Be Like Ra. She didn’t want to be “just” a Goddess, she wanted to be like Ra.

*******aside. New QUESTION: Do the Chakras correspond to the Aspects of the Personality? Do the Aspects of the Personality correspond to the Planets?

Akhu Shepsy is not a bad choice, it is OK, just n to the highest possible choice. Just don’t choose to be a human.

Sage, Akhu Shepsy, all names designated in order to be fully one with the Absolute; must leave these behind. Really best to go for the highest, like Ra, better yet, Be Like Neberdjer.

The Way of a Natural Mystic.
QED: restructuring your life, your ways, your body in such a way that will support your enlightenment. Sharing your mind so that you are not bumping heads against the world. With an intellect. That is able to understand and withstand distractions of worldliness. A lifestyle where one’s soul is not caught umping delusions.

The Soul will yearn for true marriage, true counterpart and that is only Your Self. The Soul will want to know its Akhu Nature. This is called taffy Shepsy.

Response to the question: “Do we always use a scroll when talking about Neberdjer?”

No, Not always in the Spiritual Text. The word Neberdjer Itself is what it means, so you do not have to have a scroll.

About the Scroll: if you are reading it, it is not necessarily verbalized. But when reading out loud, we sometimes do verbalize and mention it, to highlight something that is understood. Medjat to know to apply the Mystic Sense to it.

Lesson 6 answer to verse 26 needs editing.

Sun Gazing-not looking at Sun at times when can cause damage. Best to view after Sun has passed the horizon. As long as you are facing in the direction of the Sun. Even inside buildings. Safe to collect rays then because Ra is weakest.

Ma Pu-u: What thattttt What’s going onnnn?
When you transcend creation itself, no matter what is going on, higher Self is n to moving, will exist forever. Mystic Perspective. No matter what is going on, remain an nemunemu unmoved and exist forever. 

Ma Pu-u tat

Ma Pu-u An NemuNemu: No matter what’s going on, remain in the stillness
Shems Arit.

Meditation at sunset:
Not that it is strongest at morning, but the energy is increasing, whereas at the evening, the energy is waning. We have more control over the energy we take in. 8:30- 9am is the cutoff time; Evening time we can go much longer after sunset.

In this modern era, the method of keeping time is complicated. In ancient Kemet was more simple. They probably did not work through the heat. Main work was during the sowing
And harvest season. Realize that the energies emanating from the Sun are a spectrum- grosser energies, heat, light, subtle energetic aspects also beyond visible spectrum. Some of them are emanations that come through subtle enough to go thru solid objects. Just turn towards the West, do your visualization and energetic work; manipulating subtle, sacred Sekhem energies of the Body. Don’t even need to be outside. Cosmic Emanations from other stars are also passing thru the body right now. Collect and Build into the Construct of Directional Conscious Awareness.


September Video

Mesu Hesyu: Children Vibrating. Fearful children/ fear of death, fear of loss, fear of embarrassment due ton loss. Instead, choose to vibrate at the right frequency, a higher frequency, Remain Steadfast on the Path.

Feedback on Summary of Impressions…..
When you know what needs to be done and you don’t do it, what’s holding you back? ARYU!
What is the problem? The Issue is found in going against what is Illusion.
>>>>>>>When you go along with the Illusion, it is easier to find success…

Akhu Lucid; Sesh Agitated; ______ Dull
Purification of Mind: Uashu. Righteous Action (not for a reward)
Allow Inner Divine Gifts to express Diviner Word and Divine feelings.
Experience pure lucidity without disturbance, experience the nature of a Deeper Self.

Being aware of Divine Mundane World: Neter Netert. Reduce Complications of Life.
Willingness to mercilessly poison Ra. The metaphor of Creation. 
Creation sucks up your time and energy instead of allowing you to attain abiding happiness. Higher Self can take away all problems and distractions.

I AM WHO I AM. Ariyu.
Strongly established in this path of wisdom Mind, Intellect, Intuition.
Khak Ab: listen, reflect, meditative practice.
Untangle the thoughts seemingly keeping everything together in an illusion. Untie the delusion from Creation .

Higher Order of Being:
The deeper emotional aspect is not addressed by wisdom or the intellect.
Must maintain integral practice. The physical state is also connected to feelings. Feeling vibrations from other people helps to integrate feelings with thoughts. Open self up when feeling disconnected and suppressed. Suppressed feelings cause numbness. Open them in teachings, wisdom and devotion. Knum Nefer Group programs with devotional aspect. Open up feelings and offer them to the Divine. Ask for assistance in processing and releasing.
The Divine Agency sees and knows what the issues are. Open up to the issues, draw strength and assistance from internal divine agency. (Do not waste time seeking assistance from worldly corrupt agencies)

Have a Willingness to open up to the situation, practice done over time.
Trust in the Teachings, Trust in Teacher, Trust in One Self. Remember your worthiness, face fears, and raise self-esteem. Work towards developing spiritual strength and valor. Forgiveness of One’s Self and others. Acknowledge the tragedy of the situation, understanding the idea of the illusoriness, that no hurt has happened because everything is divine.

Taffy Shepsy. The Noble serpent is there all the time. Cannot have a proper time and space experience without taffy shepsy. Consciously focusing attention on destroying illusion. Purpose of taffy sharply is to destroy illusion.

Nehast is ALWAYS there. Mental waters are muddy, allow the purification to occur.

From the 2018 Conference
Kenti Amenti: foremost of the West; that is Asar the Soul

Ego is an aspect of identity that relates to other functions of the mind.
Absolute: ultimate conscious awareness
Everything else is an object brought into existence.

Going back to the Source-to the West
Taffy Shepsy{ dissolution of ignorance, illusion, emotions, suppressed feelings…
But the Illusion continues, yet no longer has an effect on the personality.

Thoughts and feelings coagulate like waves in the ocean. Repeat thoughts, they manifest. Think about feelings, they manifest.

Shems Ola Lesson 10

Djehuty the Cosmic Mind is the Heart of Creation.

The Precursor of Consciousness has brought Self into existence through the Cosmic Mind. Mental Astral Projection of the Divine.

The only actual Reality is Being. One’s state of being should be one’s state of mind.

Facing feelings. Not manic rehashings. Hellish mental condition.

Stillness: keep moving to run from it. Find stillness to transcend it. So that issues can be recognized, confronted and resolved.Unresolved feelings and issues will keep one from enlightenment.

Emotionality: need to feel in control, fear of unknown, anxiety, personality is very sensitive.

Setian level of awareness is ego awareness. Mindfulness: when feelings arise, grab PMH, proverbs, etc. 

Enlightenment is an awareness, a precursor to the mind. “I am having a thought” Ego- an object created by the mind. Illumining the mind: allowing the mind to operate Neter, Neterty.
An NemuNemu can not happen when the mind is disturbed by time and space. Purify feelings before meditation, cleanse the personality.

Dua. Thankful for these Teachings and for the Presentation of these Teachings. Hotep
Shems Arit Neter S Mery Maati

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