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Feedback Summary and reflections for Lesson 6 Videos

Lesson 6 Feedback Reflections

July 26, 2019 video


When the desire for more time in the Stillness was mentioned, what I really meant to say was that more time doing nothing was needed. It felt like I am/was always reading, writing, viewing, creating, responding, following, chanting, meditating, studying, walking, postures, running, cleaning, fasting, cleansing, eating, juicing, working, following guidelines, spending, remaining disciplined, staying healthy, but there was not enough time spent BEING, DOING NOTHING.

Since the time of this posting, I made the determination to do nothing more often. In fact, Uaa is just doing nothing, thinking nothing, saying nothing, for minimum of 10 minutes daily. No instructions, no guided meditation, no music. Only following the Breath, if even that is allowed. No plan, no direction except deeper within. Seeking only An NemuNemu.

Regarding the comment about doing something positive 40 times to counter something negative, Sebai suggested that rather than counting, he suggests the practice of doing something 21 days in order to change a habit, 21 days to break a habit or pattern of behavior.

Some aryu can be like an iceberg in the unconscious mind. For example, fear of heights, developed over many lifetimes. Or the desire for sweets over several lifetimes. Sustain a new practice for 21 days to become a new habit or characteristic. To initiate a new direction.

***********************************************************************************************************************Regarding the issue of Trust and Surrender to Divine Will; waiting on the Cosmic Mind to direct us:
We have 3 agencies:
The Neter cause issues in the world that only they can fix: we cannot fix the weather. We cannot change people in society.
There are sometimes, things that we can do to Fix it.
But sometimes, even then, the Neter have to Fix….

self: “I have power over the issues as they relate to me”
self: “I have the capacity to control my personality and hang onto My Deeper Self”

Sebai warns: “Do not wait for the Cosmic Mind to fix things”
self: “I take responsibility and accountability to correct mistakes”
Time to change this pattern. 
Another warning from Sebai: “Do not take on the aryiu of Nature or of other people. But watch your response to situations” “use Stamina, Spiritual Valor or Spiritual Strength to Overcome Issues” 

Ny this sounds like another Chant: 
Qent, Necht, Qed Madjed…..
Spiritual Valor, 
Spiritual Strength, 
Kneading the Taffy Shepsy by Rearranging one’s entire life towards/around the goal of Enlightenment,
Insisting with confidence & patience; perseverance: standing up and staying stood up regardless)

More on the Stillness
Replace the negative aryu of agitation with wisdom & devotion: going deeper, feelings are deeper than thoughts.
Spiritual Wisdom deconstructs the ignorance of the world.
Disperse Feelings with Divine Shedy Practice.

How to get in touch with feelings?
Feelings the personality is experiencing. Great to keep a journal to write down feelings. 
Just ask questions, work through it to see why this thing is bugging you. 
Ask Self Questions and refer to the Teachings.

Cognitive Dissonance
Feelings & Beliefs/Thoughts that are not in alignment.
Purify: by working with mind and feelings embedded, stuck in the body. 
These are released during Tjef Neteru. 
JOURNAL when feelings come up. 
PURIFY Aryu, but do not suppress aryu. 
Allow it to dissipate because it no longer has relevance.

If it is destroying my illusion of creation, it is good. Who we truly are can never be struck by taffy shepsy, only the illusion of who we are, not the essence of who we are.

Can change the aryu with the intensity of the chant. Chanting without feeling is less powerful than chanting with feeling and emotion. Can know the words by heart, but without feeling, they are just words on a sheet of paper. Must be activated. Can adjust the length of chant, the frequency of chant, the duration. But remember to add FEELING.

Feelings can be purified through the teachings and devotion. One must believe that the feelings are purified during devotion.

Ab Neter: Divinity of the Heart, Asar the Soul. This is the Essence of sustaining the illusion. We have the potential to dispel the illusion” Surrender.

HeruFy: enlightenment happens in degrees.

July 26 Reading assignment
Her s; Djed der
When we feel overpowered, allow Aset to enter, and work her magic on our consciousness.

Instead of spending lots of time and energy trying to find a solution in the physical realm, wait and see what unfolds in the spiritual realm.

Pet n-f arrived to he: waiting for/seeking the solution provided by Divine Intuition, not provided by Set or ego-based solutions.

Feedback: reach out to other Temple members or Students from class. It is not enough to just philosophize. Reset patterns of mind to be in alignment with teachings. Feelings must also be cleansed so they will not be disturbed. Nehast occurs in degrees over time, this is an intermediary step in this process.

Ego: having awareness of Illusion is in fact a Joyful Statement!
“ I am grateful for my awareness of the Illusory Nature of my current situation”.
Ego does not allow me to be joyful in my awareness, instead, feels like struggle and weakness.

It still happens, but it happens less, less often. Get used to things coming up, with less frequency, shorter duration, less intensity. Balanced Mind: observance of the personality going through this situation. PMH in one hand, tissues in the other hand.

*** The Essence is NOT the gas bill, the loan, not the crooked contractors or phony property managers. The Essence is TRUSTING Neberdjer, Trusting Higher Self, TRUE Confidence. Not allowing the personality or the ego to make decisions or run the show.

More insight from Seba Dja:
“I have been identifying with Ra All Day” if you are aware of the illusion, what is UNDER the illusion?
“MY mind has been focused on the Divine all day long. And it looks so beautiful. The Reflections, the Diviner essence of Creation. My Mind has been turned towards the Divine. What a wonderful Blessing” Spirit Based vs Ego based

Sebai: what can lead to an understanding of the SOURCE of these issues, so they can apply practices and tools to identify the SOURCE of these issues so they can be resolved, completely resolved. The Taffy Shepsy asks, What is the ESSENCE of this experience?

In this case: how can I destroy/reveal the illusoriness of the gas bill and have it be completely resolved? First, realize the system is corrupt and designed to make money. They use faulty meters, lie, make mistakes and pass the expense and loss on to the consumers. I have been advised to stop fighting or seeking justice and resolve the situation in another way. It does not seem fair, but then again, what corporation is? The gas industry is not regulated by the government, and there are no humans anywhere to discuss the bills with in person. So… Not willing to spend thousands of dollars in court. The essence is to trust in the divine, and to be victorious; no matter what is going on, remain in the stillness.
a Pu-u; An NemuNemu

Shems Arit

Hotep, Shems Arit