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The 2019 NC Ritual – A Personal Assessment

There are several different factors that lead up to my personal assessment, both prior to and including the 2019 NC Ritual. For the past several weeks I have been engaged in meditating on the Tree of Life with the specific visualization of a tree, starting at the roots, moving upward to the trunk, leading to its branches at the crown where the Tree Goddess appears pouring out Libation. This pouring of Libation flows down to the roots and nourishes the tree with Wadj (Green), then the cycle begins again as I inhale and exhale. This meditation and visualization was tailored with the intention to promote healing in my personal health, as well as spiritual verticality. At times I would superimpose the image of the Djed Pillar as the trunk of the tree.

After weeks of this “Mettu Wadj” meditation practice, I woke on the day referred to as “Thanksgiving” with Amun on my mind—for no particular reason that I could establish—so I went with it and added the Hymn to Amun before my meditations. It was on our first Ritual meeting with Sebai, that he would introduce the architectural layout of the Abu Simbel Temple of Amun Ra as that of a palm tree, indicating the roots, leading up the trunk to the branches that bear the fruit. At that moment I realized that I had, unknowingly, been preparing for this ritual and it opened up a new perspective on the Temple of Amun Ra at Abu Simbel for me. I purchased the “Tree of Life” book written by Sebai Maa at the conference to gain further insights.

Fast forwarding to the actual day of the Ritual it felt as though the culmination of everything, up to that point, was coming together—in terms of all the careful planning meetings, enhanced by Sebai Maa’s lectures in which was revealed the various chambers within the Temple dedicated to the Physical, the Gods and Goddesses, and Cosmic Realms respectively. Preparing the space, working together as servants of the Temple, was indeed part of the Ritual and I felt a connection to our ancient Spiritual Ancestors (among the Hemu) who would have done the same. That evening I took dinner in my room for quiet time before I sat in brief meditation to set the tone for the Ritual. From that moment on everything was done with the Ritual in mind.

During the Processional, as we walked around the courtyard, I fell into a light trance open to direction from the Divine. There was a peace and calm that I could feel among the Unutu which created a flow of energy throughout the Ritual that I can only describe as Divine. It felt like meditation in motion. Though the Ritual started much later than we intended I reminded myself that the Divine does not work by the clock and I was able to let go of my concerns about time and space. Among those who attended the Ritual there seemed to be no complaints about the hour and they came with the intention of Devotion, in the spirit of Khnumt Nefer, in praise of the Divine. I was humbled by their show of Devotion and patience, therefore, I endeavored to serve them, to the best of my ability, in a manner that they deserved. They (the Worshipers), in turn, seemingly received the spoken words and each gesture with open minds and hearts, thus becoming part of the Ritual themselves. This was powerfully moving for me. Whether or not they truly understood the deepest subtleties within the Ritual seemed to be less important than the Divine connection that we all shared.

Afterwards, the revelry that followed, with the intention of Praising the Divine within us, through music and chanting of the Hekau, was a fitting close to the Ritual. The sharing of the bread cakes, so loving prepared, with the cool water and the gift of lettuce seeds was, indeed, very Nefer. When summing up the assessment of the entire Ritual experience, it would be appropriate to sum it up in the words of our Spiritual fore bearers—Amunhotep (Amun is satisfied). Dua to the Hemu and Bastu for bringing it all together. A special Dua Ur to Sebai Maa and Seba Dja for their tireless efforts in researching the Temples during their travels to Kemet, bringing Life and Light to the ancient teachings for the sake of our Enlightenment.

Bastu Heryt