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Bastu Baket

Personal Assessment on the 2019 NC Ritual

I felt we had been as throughly prepared prior to arriving at the facility with the 3 meetings we attended and guided by Sebai Maa and Seba Dja. It gave us a nice framework on which to build once we arrived. The details of course, were tweaked with viewing the actual size and positioning of the panels. While viewing the panels was certainly helpful, I believe we gained much more understanding through the lectures as to their position in the Temple space to invoke the essence of what and who they were about.

For me each panel had it’s own nuance as it related to the 3 realms of existence. The Ta, the Pet and the Duat.

Procession: The slowness and solemness of the procession (even being in the dark), chanting Om Amun Ra Ptah, set the tone by allowing meditative movement on what we were entering into.

Seeing the boat sail through being carried first to it’s dock then moving to each panel was very Nefer. I felt it allowed each different stop to be delineated in a very appropriate way.

The first panel with the scripture readings of the Royal Person and what it takes to be a Royal person and offering of the Crook and Flail the symbols of rulership. Some reflections were of spiritual progress, questions of, “Am I worthy to be called a Royal Person? Have I cleansed sufficiently enough to be called “Sa Ra and beloved by the Creator Spirit? were brought to mind. I believe these questions were for all to reflect upon.

Now traveling on to the next stop, Panel 2 with the Divine Family represented as Khonsu/Heru, Amsu Min (Creator Spirit) and the Great Mother Goddess Aset and the offering of the lettuce leaves. An offering of sustenance being reciprocated by the divine with spiritual strength and valor felt endearing to my heart. Allowing our consciousness to move from the Ta/physical realm to the Pet/Heavenly region to be accepted into the Divine family. Having been given the sustenance, spiritual strength and valor brings us the fortitude to move forward in our spiritual progress.

Now further sailing to the Holy of Holies and coming to dock there. This is where we now are privileged to be one with the All Encompassing. Having purified and been able to unify duality we become unbound, un-circumscribed. The offering of the bread, which in many religious traditions is symbolic of life sustenance, allowed me to contemplate which type of life do I want to sustain. A perpetual cycle of life and death or true life, one that is not bound by desires, feelings etc. This is the goal of the spiritual aspirant. Not to become reincarnated but to be in Oneness in the Hidden Creator Spirit, to moor ourselves in the Divine Essence. Seeing this panel in its almost life sized image reminded me of the experience of being allowed to enter this sacred space in actuality. It evokes such emotions as awe, respect and love for the Divine Self within us and inspiration to continue this path with attention and the keys Goddess Aset gave us of Khak-ab, Antet Begag and an chen.

The chants at each stop were very meaningful to bring attention to the nuance of each panel. What could have been added? – I believe we could have added a brief meditation to the ritual.

How do you think the ritual was received by the public?

In all honesty I don’t believe anyone from the public had shared their experience with me. I’m sure the timeliness of it could be improved as it was very late in starting.

In conclusion I’d like to express Dua to All Unut for the preparation and execution of the very Nefer ritual, Dua Sebai Maa and Seba Dja for all your guidance and assistance.

Bastu Baket Asu Ra