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Phoenix Hetep MAAT

Udja, Peace and Blessings!

Reading Assignment (Lesson 19 pgs. 69-90)
Pg. 69- How should a spiritual aspirant think about the prospect of “becoming godlike” and their capacity to live a life of virtue and cultivation of the spirit through scientific knowledge, practice and bodily discipline and is this possible for everyone? If so why? If not, why not?
– As the most important and only real goal in life to diligently work towards and achieve for True Wisdom on Who you are, the purpose of life and Spiritual Enlightenment.
I do not believe that this is possible for everyone in this lifetime. Most people are still living according to their ignorance, egoism, and conditioning of the world and themselves. I believe that most people know the Truth from a surfaced level but choose to believe and live a lie because they think it’s easier, or because of their Aryu. They choose to stay a slave to the ignorant mind due to fear and lack of Spiritual Wisdom.
However, I also believe that it is possible for everyone eventually, because like the teachings say, we will all reach a lifetime where we will begin to question WHO we are, leading us to what’s True. We all eventually become one with Source, which is Neberdjer.
Pg. 71- What kind of text is Papyrus of Any?
– Mystical (Ritual) Scriptures
Pg. 73- The symbol of Neter is an Ankh?
– False. The symbol of Neter is wooden staff wrapped with strips of fabric.
Pg. 75- What is the meaning of the term “Neteru”?
– The Gods and Goddesses made from Neter (Supreme Divinity).
Pg. 79- There are 3 main teachings in Shetaut Neter.
– False, there are 5.
o Shetaut Anu- Ra Tradition
o Shetaut Menefer- Ptah Tradition
o Shetaut Waset- Amun Tradition
o Shetaut Netrit- Goddess Tradition
o Shetaut Asar- Asarian Tradition
o Shetaut Aton- Aton Tradition
Pg. 81- The gods and goddesses are whose thoughts?
– In the Memphite Tradition the gods and goddesses are Ptah’s thoughts. They form the elements of nature and the cosmic forces that maintain nature.
Pg. 83- In what period did the Temple of Amun become important?
– During the early part of the New Kingdom Era.
Pg. 85- The goddess as well as the female gender were respected and elevated as the male divinities in Kemetic religion.
– True
Pg. 87- The centers of Asarian Tradition were the city of (Abdu-Great Temple of Asar, Pilak-Great Temple of Aset, and Edfu-Great Temple of Heru)
Pg. 89- Teachings of the Aton Tradition are related to the Neter (Aton)