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Shems Ahit Nebthet

Lesson 6
Great Truths
In watching this video, I learned some more details related to the alter ritual and the Four Great Truths of Shateut Neter. In using the worship book (not the detail manual but the small white one) the details about the ritual was not as complete. So, after watching this video, I have been able to learn the following about this process:
Light – symbolizes the Akhu which is that which is to be awakened/becoming aware of. This light is the Divine Supreme Being that is shining/projecting through the matter that composes my body. The awakening of this I have come to understand that this is coming into the awareness of, knowing, and understanding of the Inner Self.
Insence – learning about the symbolism of the fragrance exuding and communing with the Divine. The fragrance/energy that exudes from my actions, should be pleasant just as the smell of the incense and this is an offering to the Divine. In addition to this detail, I learned that as a result this offering of pleasant (righteous Maatian actions) what is giving back is Enlightenment.
Libation – The pouring of libations not only symbolizes the continuous flow of life force energy (Sekhem) from the Divine to oneself but also, I learned that it symbolizes that one pointed focus we should have on the Divine, one vessel to the next.
Offering – the chant related to the offering, an explanation was given as it pertains to the function of words of power. I have heard about it, use it but did not fully understand what it did. The words of power are transformational for the mind, creation, and personality. Chants should not just be a route endeavor but a meditative action where one is reflecting on the teaching within the chant. When I went to Kemet and went through the room that the HTP Slap represents in the Temple of Asar, I was able to have a deeper understanding of that prayer/chant and it made that section of my alter ritual more dynamic than before. But now with this understanding about the chants overall, I can apply this understanding to the daily chants as well. Its not just informative but it is wisdom that is need to facilitate the transformation of my mind, personality, and creation as a whole.
With this deeper understanding of all the aspect of the alter ritual, I will be able to have more of a deeper connection to the Divine with the ritual as each task is causing me to reflect on my direct connection with the Divine from knowing that Its light is within me and allows me to experience creation, my actions must and at all times align with Maat so that a pleasant fragrance may exude from my personality, I must constantly direct my attention to the Divine within all things in time and space, duality, which is the opposite flow of the pouring of libations, as the libations symbolized Gods within all, I must also see myself in God.
Furthermore, SM discussed the Four Great Truths. I realize why it is so important to stay plugged in because in the beginning I learned the foundational pieces but had to continue to hear the teachings to get the deeper understanding. So despite learning them and now able to say verbatim, having this lesson go even deeper in how the Great Truth s align with the Disciplines was very insightful and powerful. I came to that awareness but I was not sure because it did not come from a teacher, so this confirmation helped me to ensure that now when I recite them, I reflect on them (words of power, hence it should have a transformational effect).
Things that stood out to me as it relates to the four great truths were:
1: The Supreme Being is One and Alone, one being all of/that makes up creation and manifest itself via the Gods and Goddess which are cosmic forces/energies/etc. Behind the existence of all things is this One.

2: This truth informs you of how you fall into delusion. I learned that humans were spirits sent to the world by God, then due to not having any limitations, they began to become arrogant. Hence were given water encasements (bodies). Furthermore, as this truth makes reference to An Maat – deviation from Maat leads to being caught up in the desires, senses, feelings of the body, basically a slave to fetters (Saiu Set). Uprightness opens the door to fetters, this is evident when one’s vision/understanding of oneself is through the body, it prevents one from seeing the all-encompassing within themself. This darkness is a door the opens to fetters, as a result it brings or leads to pain, sorrow and temporary elation. Understand that the Daughter of Ra, Maat provides a path to help humans get to a path of righteousness and this path leading to freedom from water encasements.

3: This one teaches how to overcome the struggle. Uashu devotion to the Divine and Nafu – being able to breathe, being free. The devotion was further explained as something to be mindful of its direction, is it directed towards worldly temporal things or the Supreme All Encompassing Divinity. So one must turn their life to the Divine focusing on having goodness and peace in life not worrying about how to be the wealthiest person alive.

4: This great truth explains how, how do I maintain awareness of the Supreme Being, stay away from fetter and maintain my devotion to the Divine, via the 4 disciplined. They are: Listening to the Teaching this helps with keeping the mind occupied with learning about the Divine; Devotion via chanting, praising, loving others, taking care of nature; Action via precepts of Maat; Meditation to assist with breaking through the next realm of being and awareness of self.