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Shems Ahit Nebthet

This is a response to readings in Asarians Resurrection. I found it very helpful to use Sunday Noon Worship class to help faciliate my studies of this book as we are studying it now verse by verse. In my response, I had a few questions/areas still needing further understanding.

Temple of Asar Lesson 1
Asar Resurrection Vs 24 to 24b

Vs 24a Asset found safety by retreating into the Papyrus swaps (is this making reference to the her retreating into the higher self) and with the assistance of Uraeus, caduceus, non-duality. This was discussed in Sunday class as well and the insight given was on Aset’s act of retreating and what it symbolizes and this was very helpful as it confirmed that it is expected to be alone on one’s spiritual journey to avoid easily being distracted.

Sobek was also present as he carried Asar on his back as he assisted in protecting Asar.

So, I went further to gain more insight on Sobek in the encyclopedia and was able to make several strong connections.

Sobek; carries the body of Asar on his back. He carries the Soul on his back.
He is the son of Net, weaver of creation, the operating force that brings creation into being and her offspring is Sobek.
Represent the potential power of the lower self?
The power in the waters.?
(These were two definitions in the encyclopedia)
He symbolizes an aspect of the personality that can forcefully rise up at any moment and kill or pull one under to one’s own destruction.
While on the other hand, represent patience, stealthiness (the ability to control ones breathe for an extended period of time, being able to go without food, and can just lay dormant/non-reactive in other words and then suddenly burst forth like lightening out of the waters to achieve its goal/desire. This ability is given to us, as it was weaven into our being by Net and his aspect should be used to protect the soul from negativity that can dis-member/disrupted one’s consciousness.
He is over the 2nd psycho spiritual center. So my question is why does the Soul need to be protected by this type of forceful nature. Is it saying that we should let our Sobek nature protect us from prey (fetters of Set)?

In Sunday worship class on 11.24.19, we discussed this question and I learned more about the sexual energy that is to be harnessed. The sexual energy is the vital energy/force and this is what is being protected by Sobek’s force and precision. This energy is extremely powerful and can be very harmful if not harnessed.

Vs 24b: From this verse I tried to reflect on the relationship between Intuitional Wisdom and the Soul, one can see its closeness to the soul, Aset hurts when the Asar (soul) is wounded by pressures/impressions of the senses. This is a nice way for me to visualize the impact of the manifestation of wisdom within me being blocked and this result basically brings death to the soul, lack of the awareness of It as the source.

Please explain further: “then seeing that the little boy had silently stolen up behind her, and had found out the reason for her grief, she turned upon him suddenly, and in her anger gave him so fierce and terrible a look that he fell into the sea. Afterwards he received the greatest honor on account of the goddess.”

Further on in this verse, it speaks of who was present in giving assistance in the birth of Heru. When I think about individuals present at a birth, they leave an impression on the incoming infant. Just as in this the cosmic forces that are assisting in the bring forth of another force (aspiration), Heru. The divinities present giving this assistance in his coming forth, coming into creation/form were Dhejuty, cosmic consciousness, Amun, hidden witnessing consciousness. These principles are at his foundation/beginning.

Once the birthing process was complete, Saa and Hu and Uatchit and Nekhebet presented/gave life and sovereignty (supreme power, authority, self-governing) to him

Hence, present from birth he has a mind formulated of cosmic universal consciousness and the hidden witnessing consciousness and the spiritual understanding that is felt most deeply and taste of non-duality.

Very quickly, from infancy, the ego begins its process of emerging hence once aspiration is to help the self-redeem or be delivered from its ego back to its original form – universal consciousness, hidden witnessing consciousness, being undifferentiated/ non duality.

In the Hymn to Aset there were two things that stood out that more understanding is needed. It state: “… to let your name live one earth, for your divine seed is in my body.”

I notice “name” as a way to make reference to divinities in prayers, eg in the Hymn to Amun, in the myth of Ra and Aset, here mentioning his name, and here letting Asar,s name be known to the earth. Can you elaborate on what “name” makes reference to in the teachings please?

In regards to “your divine seed is in my body”
What is the seed of Asar and the body of Aset.?|