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Phoenix Hetep MAAT

Video Assignment (Lesson 18- Great Truths of Shetaut Neter)
List important themes presented
– Key practices during daily worships
o Prostration before the altar- Adorations to the Supreme Divinity (Divine Self, Gods and Goddesses etc.)
o Uncovering the altar- symbolizes the uncovering of ignorance revealing the Divine
o Lighting the candle- symbolizes the light of your Divine self (Akhu). Lighting the Spirit within yourself
o Lighting of the incense- Incense in Ancient time came from Kush, the original land of the Gods and Goddesses. You burn your personality, and the aroma (your truth) will exude, rise up and attract as well as commune with the Divine.
o Pouring of the water libation- (from one vessel to another) symbolizes the continuous one-pointed mental thought flowing towards the Divine.
o Food or Astral offering
– Daily Worship Chants
o The Spoken offering Hekau
o The Hetep slab and its importance
o Great Truths of Shetaut Neter
o Daily chants of Smai Tawi
– Listening to the teachings
o Shetaut (Hidden) Neter (Divinity) – Hidden way of the Divine Self- How to Know the Divine Self
o Rekh- “to Know”- When something is Known, it is no longer a mystery
o People become interested in the Ancient Egyptian teachings for various reasons- Some just want to learn for informational purposes. Others, because they are searching, but not yet mature enough to receive the teachings. Then there are those who are searching because they have reached a point in their life (maturity) where they desire to know what is more to life, more to them (Spiritually).
o The Ancient Kemetic Temple has 3 sections
 1st room (outer temple) you are desiring to aspire (Mortals)
 2nd room high philosophy is taught (Initiates)
 3rd room those who has received the Light (Sages)
o Being within the Temple is a great attainment in itself. Not everyone is able to come into the Temple.
o What are your Deeds? How do you follow the teachings? How do you implement the act to the best of your ability?
o Everyone is searching for happiness in the world. KP- “Seeking happiness in the world, is a pursuit of an illusion”.
o There is always something going on in the world, and this “something” is there to teach a lesson of impermanence. Harper Songs: “You cannot stay in the world, you cannot linger”.
o You should be doing things to maintain your practical realities, but you should not live life thinking you will gain something in this world. “Man fears time, but time fears the Pyramids”
The teachings have answers! You must be Persistent, Diligent, Disciplined
o What is it within you that is the same today, when you were born, and will be when you die?
o Everything is made of Energy, things are seen in different forms due to the vibration of that energy. KP- “The body belongs to earth; the Spirit belongs to Heaven”
o All the disciplines are designed to help you discover the mysteries of Self “Know Thyself”
o Teachings/Importance of the Great Truths
o How do you learn to see beyond the illusion? How did you fall to this illusion?
o Short Teaching of the Creation Myth
 Once Divine Spirits until we became ignorant
 Humans were placed in water encasements to give limitations
 MAAT (Righteousness)- path towards enlightenment from ignorance /An-MAAT (Unrighteousness)- path towards continual reincarnation and ignorance
o “There is no darkness like the darkness of ignorance”
o Uashu Devotion to the Divine (turning your life towards the Divine) + Nafu Freedom = Allows you to break the cycles of life and to be free from the fetters (Set).
o Ari Shedy- Doing the Shedy Disciplines (Out in the world as well- MAAT)
o Meditation allows you to break through to the next level of being
o Physical- the world- conscience, Astral (Duat)- experienced when dreaming and waking vision- sub-conscience, Casual- the seed that causes all other existences- un-conscience.
o There is an existence beyond the 3rd plane. The Transcendental, those who reach this “plane” are one with Neberdjer (NEHAST).
o Three stages of Religion
 Myth- part of Spirituality that gives you the culture and origin. A special language on the purpose of life. (Most important- Asarian Myth). Everything that is necessary to Devote yourself to the Divine, Asar institutes that.
 Ritual- Aspect of Spirituality that supports the Myth (Rituals of Resurrection). If the ritual is performed correctly, and your actions merge with your understanding of the Devotion, then there will be emergence with Wisdom leading to Mysticism.
 Mysticism (Metaphysical)- Transcendental experience (communion, Oneness) beyond time and space with the Divine. Will see the true essence and experience oneness with all things in the world/universe. (Glorious Light)
o Elevate yourself! That is what the practice of Shetaut Neter is all about.

Explain what impressed you most in this presentation
– The Proverbs given in relation to the teachings given and the reflective questions Sebai Maa presented to the aspirants. After listening to the video for the 3rd time, I received them as lasting reflections needing to be internalized and applied. Sometimes when we hear a question, we don’t take it in as a lesson being taught, to think on it consistently and with reverence, we more so try to answer it soon as it’s asked, or we forget.
Listening, Reflecting, and Meditating

Much Dua HTP