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Phoenix Hetep MAAT

Video Assignment (Lesson 17- Intro to SN by Dja- conference 2008 part 2)
List important themes presented
o Threefold practice of Worship (Aspects of Ra)
 Morning
 Noon
 Evening
o Systems of Meditation (Experience of the Transcendental Supreme Self)
 All meditation systems service the same purpose
o King Seti Uaa- Scriptures for the Glorious Light Meditation found inscribed in his tomb.
 The oldest form of Yogic Meditation
o Yoga postures= The Divinity postures
– Shedy Disciplines
– Temple of Aset- Listening, Reflecting, and Meditating on the teachings
– The teachings have to be LIVED, not just studied
– Knumt Nefer= Good Association
o Key ingredient to spiritual practice
– Shemsu Udja Shedy= Burning aspiration to obtain Nehast
o How do you know when the teachings/disciplines are working? Seeing gradual increase and/or change in yourself shows the spiritual practices/disciplines are purifying the lower self.
– Te nem= Losing the way, wandering, lost, turn away from (negativity). Backwards movement of Shemsu Udja Shedy.
– Increased turning away from worldly desire, egoism, ignorance etc.
– Nehast! The final objective of the Mysteries is to be able to say- Nuk pu nuk Asar Nefer (I Am that I Am Asar the Divinity)

Explain what impressed you most in this presentation
– The importance in having a Sebai. Just reading the spiritual books will not help you to grow Spiritually, although they are helpful tools. Having a Sebai (Spiritual Preceptor/Teacher) to guide you through the True meanings of the teachings, instill how to apply them to your life integrally, and how to understand them beyond the intellectual aspect is most important.