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Phoenix Hetep MAAT


Book Assignment (Lesson 17- pgs. 51-58)
Pg. 51- Many preachers use (exciting) methods
Pg. 53- When life humbles the aspirant it is even more important that they should do what? Trust in their teacher who will never rub their noses in it or turn them away.
How should a spiritual aspirant think and feel about humbling themselves to the teaching and their teacher? An aspirant is to offer their ego, pride and ignorance on the divine altar of wisdom. When it comes to the teachings, an aspirant must sacrifice the egoistic self in order to attain insight and Wisdom. When it comes to the teacher, an aspirant is to have respect for the teacher and treat them with great adoration. Pledge their service to the preceptor in the form of physical, mental, and spiritual support/devotion. Never have arrogance towards the teacher, as this will result in silence from the preceptor, thus keeping the aspirant from attaining the correct spiritual teachings that lead to knowledge, then wisdom from experience. The relationship with the preceptor should be righteous.
Pg. 55- You must attempt to never lose your (temper) in the presence of the preceptor.
Pg. 57- In Kamitan spirituality there is more focus on the (Divinity) as opposed to the personality of the (preceptor).