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Phoenix Hetep MAAT

Video Assignment (Lesson 16- Intro to SN by Dja- conference 2008 part 1)
– List important themes presented
o Men and women are Immortal Gods/Goddesses
o Glorious Light Meditation- the myth of Hetheru and Djehuty
o Setjert= Blood+Beer+Mandrake
 Blood (World)- intoxication with worldly desire= I am the body (flesh and blood) “I eat bodies”
 Beer (World)- intoxication with worldly pleasure= ignorance=actions seeking happiness in time and space
 Mandrake- GOD STUFF! Intoxication with Bau (Souls of Ra) = Enlightenment
o If you only have the first two (Blood, Beer) you are of the world and you won’t be able to break away from the illusions
o Come as you are, continue to infuse the Mandrake into you, resulting in an “explode” of enlightenment within you!
o Aset nurturing Heru with the intuitional wisdom
o We are the Eye of Ra (myth applies to us)
o Shetitu- Writings related to the Hidden Teachings
o Shetaut Neter- The teaching about the secret, hidden, Divinity (Supreme Being)
 Earliest documented (written) African term for “religions”
 “Egyptian Mysteries”
• Lower Mysteries (Intellectual Knowledge) Math, Sciences etc.
• Higher Mysteries (Intuitional Knowledge) Meditation, Teachings related to achieving Enlightenment
o Myth (Story, legend), Ritual (Aru), Mysticism (Shetaut Neter)
o Heru-m-aket (Sphinx)
o 10,000 BCE when Shetaut Neter began (timeline)
o Shetaut Neter is a Universal teaching because everyone is the essence of the Divine
o Western and “Traditional” African religions are missing the “Mysticism” (becoming ONE with God) aspect of religion
o Neterianism (created by Sebai Maa)- those who follow Shetaut Neter (Neterian)
o Shemsu Neter- follower of Neter
o Our Divine Lineage- Lord Kepri- Lord Djehuty-Aset-Asar-Hetheru- Heru- given to the priest/priestesses- then to us (Linked to the Divine by the Life Force Energy)
o There is a balance within the tradition. There is no sexism, males and females are equal.
o Asarian Resurrection- the most important myth to study
o Great Truths of Shetaut Neter
o Neterian Creed
o Shedy Disciplines are an integral (wholistic) yoga system meant to enlighten the whole aspect of the body
 Devotion (Emotional)
 Selfless Service (Action)
 Wisdom (Intellect)
 Meditation (Will)
o The physical yoga exercises are also a method of the integral yoga system. The postures are a form of meditation which allows you to invoke the presence of the Gods/Goddess from doing their specific postures. They also unify the lower self to the Higher self from a physical aspect.

– Explain what impressed you most in this presentation
o The timeline for the religions is still very impressive to me every time it is mentioned in a lecture! Learning that Shetaut Neter was the FIRST effective religion (creator of most practices like meditation, yoga etc.) that started in 10,000 BCE is amazing and very necessary to always know. Before studying Kemetic Spirituality, I had little to no knowledge on the timelines of the religions.