Reply To: Teachings of Temple of Aset Lesson 11 Discussion Forum

Bastu Yashi

Which teaching(s) did you learn in this lesson do you need to reflect on more or start to apply or work on more diligently on implementing on your personality, mentally, emotionally metaphysically, or otherwise to emulate human Lady Aset on her path?

Sebai Maa discussed the importance of Mystic Speak, relating to the process of intuition seeking enlightenment, a lifting up of the name – a raising up of the absolute truth of conscious awareness from the illusoriness of mental perceptions. This clears the depths of the mind from falsehood and distractions. This is a healing of the self from within.

Sebai notes that as intuition vanquishes the illusion of a creator spirit, its Set the intuition is defeating. The redemptive aspects of the mind may then emerge (Heru), to see egoism clearly and thereby defeat it. For my self on this path, reflecting, meditating on and enlivening the Mystic Speak process will assist me in cultivating the wise mind and do battle with my personal ariu to vanquish illusory time and space identification. I will continue to clear my mind of distractions via the gems of khak ab, antet begag, an chen, and the taffy shepsy disciplines, an nemu nemu. This will nurture my taffy shepsy process, to assist me in dispelling the veil of creation and no longer be controlled by it. This will ultimately reveal the truth of being, the ocean of creation, Neter Neterty. Dua, htp.

Shems Yashi