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Phoenix Hetep MAAT

Video Assignment (Lesson 15- Intro to SN short part 3b)
– List important themes presented
o The understanding (supported by research) that the philosophy of yoga started in Ancient Egypt before India and all other regions. Most Indians will deny this, however there are a few who have given recognition to Egypt.
o Set did not have a temple because in the late period Set was associated with foreigners coming in to attack Egypt. They adopted Set as their patron God, this resulted in bad association when it came to Set. However, during Ancient Egyptian times, Set was viewed as a benevolent divinity.
o Set represents the divinity of lower forces (greed, sexuality, power, desires). The lower forces are not necessarily “evil” because you should have them, and they should be used as a tool to heighten the awareness of the Higher Self, however they become “evil” or negative when we apply them incorrectly for the satisfaction of the ego (individual personality). This results in destruction of others and creation.
o Set is the ego of a person who has become beset with ignorance of The Self.
o The Great Trinity- Amun- Witnessing Consciousness (that which is Hidden), Ra- The interaction between that witness and physical universe, the total encompassing physical mind itself, Djehuti- The ability to think about subjects, to compare ideas (pure intellect and cosmic mind). The trinity used to interact with the world.
o Through meditation practice, allow one of these trinities to dissolve, which will lead to the dissolving of all aspects of the mind. This will allow you to have experience of the world not through the trinity of mind, but through the true essence of it (Neberdjer).
– Explain what impressed you most in this presentation
o When Sebai Maa explained the “Experience of Wakefulness” (Enlightenment). The All-encompassing awareness of what emanates from the Great Trinity (Amun, Ra, Ptah/conscious,subconscious, unconscious) which is Neberdjer and when we dissolve/become aware of these in the dream state and in the waking state.