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Phoenix Hetep MAAT

Reading Assignment (Lesson 15, pgs. 23-34)
Pg. 23- Who is Shetai? The Hidden God, Incomprehensible God, Mysterious One, Secret One.
Pg. 25- Topic #1: Yoga in Ancient Egypt? The term (Egyptian Yoga) is the spiritual discipline or program to promote spiritual evolution that was (Practiced) in Ancient Egypt.
Topic #2: What is Egyptian Yoga? The term (Smai Tawi) or (Smai Heru-Set) are Ancient Egyptian words which are translated as Egyptian Yoga.
Pg. 27- What is the path of nature and considering that, how should a spiritual aspirant think about their spiritual path?
– Repeated incarnations, experiencing pain and suffering to teach you the uselessness of trying to find abiding happiness in the world, rather than within yourself. The aspirant should think about their spiritual path as an abiding, liberating freedom from worldly bondage, ignorance, and illusion. The key to opening the door to discover the Self and attaining Nehast.
Pg. 29- Topic #4: The qualities of an Aspirant? Aspirant must have the primary (interest) in advancing spiritually.
Pg. 31- What pushes the aspirant to become “super normal”?
– Yoga
Pg. 33- Topic #5: Qualification of an Aspirant? One who is ready to (learn) must have a positive frame of (mind).