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Bastu Yashi

Questions from Sebai:
What do you think or feel about your-self (comparing objectively to before/after completing the course) from the standpoint of having succeeded through the process of the course and having become academically qualified to call yourself an initiate of the temple/teaching of Aset? How would you consider your knowledge of and relationship with the personality called Aset, based on the course completed – now as compared to previous to taking the course?

As I continue to study and reflect upon this myth, the process of listening, reflecting, meditating, integrating the teachings is blossoming into an increased perception of oneness. I feel I am the teaching; this has grown into a more internalized journey. I feel a light shining from within my being to without, embracing the teaching as my-self. This is likened to the experience I had in temple of Aset while in Kemet. I have embraced the oneness of the teaching and my path more and more with each lesson/reflection. It feels uplifting and abiding, greater than time and space experiences. I am better able to integrate the advisement of Sebai that the teachings provide abiding spiritual happiness (peacefulness). It seems much more real as I have progressed through this spiritual and developmental process. I look forward to continued reflection, meditation, employing the wise mind tools the goddess has presented to further embody this integrative process. The spiritual goal is to dwell with the goddess (divine Saa) in each moment.

I feel more at one with the concept of intuitional wisdom, having a formula to embody it in this lifetime and many subtle, subconscious connections to the mystical aspects of the teaching.

How do you see your personality (looking at it objectively as an observer) in terms of being a follower of the teaching at initiatic level of the teaching?

I see my personality as more aligned with the teaching and journey to divine awareness from egoistic based ignorance. I am better able to discern truth from untruth and have a toolbox of methods to refocus on truth in the face of egoistic compulsion.
Highly intrigued, curious prior to, with a more superficial knowledge of her mystic/mythic intricacies. Now, I feel a more personalized, introspective, internal connection to how my personal ariuc path relates to my attraction to the wisdom path. Also feeling well equipped with the tools to carry this teaching into my spiritual process. Dua, htp,
Shems Yashi

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