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Dua for the terms you highlighted in your summary of this nefer teaching of Lady Aset “becoming” Goddess Aset by uncoverinh her true divine nature.

Beginning with the term khak ab which we have learned was for her and is to be a foundation for an aspirant who is committed to her journey, their journey.

Your last paragraph crested a nefer merging of the two concepts, understanding and feelings. This is such a wonderful scripture, theologically, scientificall, philosphically, etc. Over the past yesrs that we have spent goimg through it Sebai has made every effort to assure we have the correct basic understanding of the scripture and it’s subtle implications. I took these juicy morsels to be the glorious seeds that lay at our feet. Having correct understanding, feelings of devotion, and doing the work will restore th3 vision of our glorious light.

This story is our story. Blessings to you on your journey.