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Phoenix Hetep MAAT

Video Assignment
Intro to Meditation (Lesson 14)
Chant is the beginning of meditation- it is not the meditation itself
2 forms of worship during Ancient Egyptian times: Public- which was done in the outer portion or inner court of the temple assisted by the priests/priestesses. Ordinary people were not allowed in the middle court and beyond. Private- which was done at home in a sacred space, with an alter setup. Studying the teachings, daily worships, chanting, and meditation is also done.
The Glorious Light Meditation System of Ancient Egypt – Seti Uaa (Sage/King) had ascribed in his tomb the first known meditation system in history. Comes before the meditation systems practiced currently in India, Asia, any other place in the world. Gives you instructions for the posture – Sitting inside a circle, quiet, not moving. Also gives insight into the visualization to use while meditating, and the chant.
Judgement scene talked about in the Pert Em Heru texts- The Resurrection of Asar
The heart of MAAT Philosophy
– If your heart balances heavy with MAAT, it means that your heart is sinful, full of ignorance, lust, desire etc. You will experience these things after death, then be reincarnated back to the world of time & space.
– If your heart is equal with the balance of MAAT, you are a moderately righteous person and you will go to serve with Asar in the Netherworld.
– If your heart balances lighter than MAAT, you have transcended physicality and will go to sit on Asar’s throne (become one with SELF)
– Being righteous (MAAT) for the sake of a cosmic harmony
Books/Audio on MAAT Philosophy
Discipline of Sema Tawi Yoga (the postures)
– physical/mythological workout, you begin to act and feel like the Divinities. Then you begin to learn how they think, this is when a Spiritual Preceptor is needed because they will teach you how the teachings work and how to apply them.
– Phases of Creation (Yoga postures)
– Preceptor is like a ‘Troubleshooter’- You are to receive the knowledge on how to reason, feel, and how to use the Spiritual teachings. The knowledge given to you by your Preceptor should be received unbiasedly and without including the ego so that the teachings can resonate within you, and help you grow Spiritually.
Knowledge + Experience= Wisdom
True Wisdom occurs when you have intuitional understanding of a subject (Direct understanding)
Listening, Reflecting, Meditating