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Phoenix Hetep MAAT

Reading Assignment (Lesson 14)
Personal Assessment Questions (pgs. 21-22)
1) How would you describe your knowledge of religion and philosophy? Currently my knowledge on religion is changing. Before Shetaut Neter, it was more so intellectual without the mystical experience. My religious practices before Shetaut Neter taught me that God and Man were separate, and women are inferior. Since my path with Shetaut Neter, religion is an everyday integral practice rather than just a Sunday service. I understand now that the teachings are about me, and as I continue to apply the spiritual principles, the intellectual aspect turns to Wisdom from having lived the teachings, leading me to NEHAST!
With philosophy, my knowledge was very surfaced. I was given the narrative in school that philosophy isn’t factual information, but more so relative and fictional, gathered by people based on their thoughts/experiences on how the world and things in it work. I accepted that as truth, but eventually, through the experiences I’ve lived, found myself becoming more interested in learning more on Philosophy from a deeper level. The teachings of Shetaut Neter has allowed me to see philosophy from a mystical standpoint. I believe this is the true meaning of Philosophy for me!

2) What do you see as the greatest obstacle to your happiness and fulfillment in life?
My impulsive behavior-
I tend to make haste decisions, even when my intuition (Aset) tells me what’s True, I have lived/learned the hard way more times than I can count! There are times when I want the worldly things desired to be given/done quickly. My ego personality will tell me that the things I want (goals to achieve, material things etc) should happen right away, and when they don’t my thoughts can be very agitated and negative towards myself and others. When they do happen, I still feel unsatisfied or end up regretting what I did. The Shedy practices/disciplines has really helped me shed away/purify as well as understand the TRUE nature of this setian energy! Some experiences I have yet to learn from, so when it comes back around (Ari) I will go about doing things Righteously (MAAT).
Entanglements with certain things in the world- I find myself holding on to/partaking in things that have been hard for me to break free from, one of them being social media. Although I have gotten better with my time usage (I have put myself on a daily time restriction and am more conscious of what I’m viewing/posting), it is still a co-dependent, attention seeking distraction for me. Like most people, I post and stroll for entertainment. To be honest, I really want to do away with social media all together, but it has been a nice resource to stay in the know with long distance loved ones/friends. It has become the norm for communication, finding updated information and sometimes I receive positive inspiration from some posts. This is an area I constantly reflect on, and although there are still areas of improvement when it comes to the discipline with social media, I have grown a lot from where I used to be.

3) What do you see as the most important need that you have? To have a complete Spiritual path that provides Abiding Peace and Understanding in all things. I always felt that there was more to me than just the human vessel because my vibrational energy tends to attract people regularly, being so entangled in ignorance, I would react to them with anger, meanness, agitation etc. My intuition would always tap me on the shoulder and whisper “there is more to life than what you see inside this world!” I want to be ONE with that Abiding Energy!

4) What is your previous religious affiliation or faith and how do you think that relates to what you are following now? Before discovering Shetaut Neter, my religious affiliation was Christianity (Baptist). My faith was built on a path I did not spiritually understand, so my foundation was not concrete but sand.
After learning the history of Christianity from Sebai Maa, I now know that Gnostic Christianity relates to Shetaut Neter. I still want to learn how the spiritual path of Christianity was before the teachings became Orthodox, so I plan to get Sebai Maa’s book “Mystical Journey from Jesus to Christ”. Having loved ones who still follow the Christian path, I believe that this will help me to stay engaged with them without conflict.

5) What role do you feel religion or spirituality plays in your life? My Spirituality is growing into a consistent leading role! I am a Spiritual Being having a human experience, in order to understand WHO I AM my Spiritual path needs to be balanced with my practical life. As I continue to elevate, my Spirituality will be the driving force for all things until I reach Nehast (enlightenment)!

6) Have you had any previous Yoga instruction? No, I have not.

7) Have you received any advanced religious instruction? No. I have not.

8) How do you see your life? As a constant learning experience, an eye opener to what’s really TRUE, and as a gift, once I discovered the True Divine Essence of I and everything as ONE.

9) What do you think of your own potential to succeed in life? I believe that the driving force of my own potential comes from Divine Energy. As I continue to apply Maat and purify the ignorance created by my ego, my purpose becomes more clear resulting in continual growth in my own potential.

10) If you could, what would you like to do with your life? I would like to be a Holistic Health Practitioner. Someone who impacts others growth in Mind, Body, and Spirit.