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Lecture Teachings of Amenenope Lecture # 1

Part 1 Reflection
The main issue covered in Lecture 1 is an ethical conscience. Ethical conscience pertains to what Sebai refers to as conscious living by truth and correctness. It involves acting in accordance with the philosophy of Maat (righteousness) and upholding oneness in all areas of life. In a practical sense oneness implies caring and provisioning for all equitably. A lack of ethical conscience contributes to the dystopian society and the lack of enlightenment.
Ethical conscience is central to guiding my behaviors. My personality has found that it is useful to intentionally self-reflect and make a self-assessment periodically (usually I monthly review a personalized revision of the Maatian precepts) on how I am living in accordance with Maat. This self-reflection helps to kept me accountable to my intentions create the conditions for enlightenment in my life.

Part 2 Question for Level 1 student

The source of problems in a dystopian society is ____________ conscience.

Answer: unethical
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