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Un Shen

Part 1
What was the main issue covered in the lecture that you feel was important for you to understand and should be important for the beginning students to understand at some point – about their behavior and how it affects their spiritual development?

The main issue in the discourse that was important for me to understand and deals with behavior and the impact that it can have on one’s spiritual development was contiguous with “ethical wisdom of life (EWOL).” The EWOL should be of importance for beginning aspirants by extension. In the discourse, Sebai Maa connected EWOL with recognizing the oneness of existence and the oneness of humanity. Through this recognition, a human being lives according with ethical standards by caring for the physical and mental well-being of all and also the environment without corrupt standards or deliberate unawareness of self or others. These ethics are based on the oneness of life, that is, spiritual ethics.

Caring is an inherent part of the human experience. Similarly, it is enjoyable when others care for us. However, the vibrational energy associated with the feeling of caring should be screened. For instance, are we worn out when we are caring for others? Or – are we energetic when we care for others? If one is internally fatigued, perhaps they might go on doing more and more than their capability. Hence, the energy of fatigue would be radiated to those that we care for – and thus, subject to a lower vibration. If people do not appreciate our caring efforts, we can choose to hurt. Or, we can choose to be hurt, in pain and suffer if we do not meet the expectations of others – or they do not care for us in the same way, we care for them. Fatigue, hurt and pain radiate an energy, which is antiparallel with care. Caring is an expression of how we feel inside independent of external influences. Caring is the vibration that radiates from us to others, while we go about our daily task. In a word, when we think of the Divine, we receive those vibes. Furthermore, we accumulate blessings when we do a right ariu. Indeed, one should feel comforted and peaceful in our presence. We must take care of ourselves and carry out actions that are comfortably within our capacity independent of others’ the wants or desires. Doing a deed because you want to do it – not because you have to do radiates an energy of authenticity. In this way, our caring for others with pure thoughts, feelings and vibrations heals others.

Part 2

Create either a True/False question or “Fill-in-the-blank” question about an important topic that was covered in the lecture based on the issue in part 1.
The question that I have for this assignment was taken from the discourse around the 58 minute mark of the discourse.

Question: What percentage of Americans take prescription drugs?
Answer: 70%

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