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Sehu Khepera

Amenemope Assignment:

Overall, I think the Amenemope series is very instrumental in understanding the psychology of a personality that is beset by anger and hostility. These negative feelings and emotions, as is told to us in our teachings, are derived from the ariu, stored in the unconscious mind. So it is a problem of the mind and the mind’s ascertainment of perceived phenomena, everything to people beset by this issue is threatening, unsavory or unsatisfying.
The part of the lecture series that I found most instrumental is based in the idea of not approaching this type personality for conversation. Chapter 9XI of the Amenemopet text states versus 13-14 states:

V13. im an ari sensenty en k pa shemm {khet} {Cheft}

Refrain from/abstain from/cease/desist/ do not seek heated people for the purpose of associating with them.

V14. im an tu k khenkhenu ef er se-djed

Also do not allow yourself to go close to them/do not approach them for the purpose of starting a conversation.

What I got from the lecture (Sebai MAA) was to not approach a heated person or to keep company with them because it can illicit a negative experience with them. But also, importantly, it can have a negative impact on one’s own mind, their personality can impress upon one. Sebai Maa was also making the point that it is not necessarily only the factor of argumentation that is the problem, but the negative and aggressive internal self-talk that can develop as well which will have a negative affect on the unconscious mind. These negative ruminations, if entertained can lead to a negative act as well. So to act as a heated person is contrary to the life of an initiate who should be developing more and more inner peace and dispassion. So, by associating with the heated person, it can cause the passions to become inflamed.

Our teachings tell us that we are to refute the passions and develop non attachment to the things of the world, to do away with worldly concern beyond what is necessary to live a healthy life. We are also told that we are to control our emotions and not be slave to them. Thus, by associating with a heated person, what I got from the lecture, is that you are outing yourself at danger to draw the mind down and revert to habitual thinking and emotional responses that we should be sublimating and ultimately vanquishing from our personalities, if we are to walk the royal road.

What I also got from the teaching was not to be sentimental over the plight of the heated person, they are the way they are because of their own ariu born from their own actions, feelings, thoughts and emotional response to the external phenomena that they encounter. Our duty as aspirants is to protect the mind from ingratiating pattern of thoughts and modes of feelings that impedes the positive spiritual evolution of the erroneously individuated soul.

And therefor a system of internal indifference is necessary at times to navigate through the world so as not to get caught by the ego. I think this is one of the most important aspects of the lecture, that if we even for a minuscule second, beyond what is necessary, entertain such personalities we are apt to get caught, grabbed by the cunning and ruthless ego that is trying to prevent the challenge to its conceptual ideation.

The negative effect of the heated person can take various forms. One of which is they may be, in your presence complaining about someone, and then if we get involved in the gossip along with the heated person we are dragged down by them. So sage Amenemopet admonishes (in verse 15) us to:

V15. Su udja {mdj} nest rush bu en her pet{a) k

Instead act in a manner that will be beneficial for you, increasing your vitality by controlling your tongue, that means (mind) by which your feelings and thoughts are expressed in the external world. Take care and watch out because the heated person is an abominable thing to your heavenly personality, that pat that exist in the astral plane (mind and feelings).

Thus, to act like them is an affront to our royal and Divine nature. In this way, we can forge for ourselves and peaceful mind that is able to concentrate with focused attention on the object of our meditation, either a deity, a mystic concept, or philosophical principle. If we beset the mind with negative emotional thoughts and feelings, it cuts off the positive nature of the mind. And so in the lecture, we were told that the idea is to protect the fledgling mind from hostility and irritability because it bolsters the ego and entrenches the negative attributable factors of the personality. But even so, established personalities do not entertain such company as well because sages do not associate with the profane, but rather associate with other mystic personalities and with the Divine herself.

In as such as the personality develops there emerges deeper and deeper states of introversion because the personality is being sated by the Divine herself, in her fullness. So, if one already discovers her/his own Divine nature, one is not in need of outside company for feelings of companionship and comradery, although to associate with spiritual students and other elevated personalities have its benefits. But if that is not there a sage does not go out seeking company because one is experiencing oneself as the totality of Divine awareness, whereby the parts, the sensorial perceptive attributes of the Divine are perceived, but one knows oneself as greater than the sum of all the parts, thus none of the parts can equate to the totality of Divine awareness, a mystical constant.

In as such to associate with a heated person is an antithesis to the inner reality of the soul (Asar), like they say, “water and oil don’t mix.” Therefore, what we are to do is if there are no like-minded people o associate with, then associate with the ultimate like minded entity, the Divine self. In the beginning stages of spiritual evolution, we must be disciplined and cautious at all times and heed the wise counsel of the sages as they have lived normal lives before and discovered that a normal life is not worth living, they know the pit falls of an ignorant existence.

Our teachings tell us that no one was born wise and ALL knowing, so the teachers covey the message of the soul by experience and experiential knowledge of the teachings. Therefore, there is a duality of experience, experience of worldly life and experience of enlightened life and thus, we are to follow our teachers.

Question: What is a general definition of a heated person in the context of the teaching given?


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