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Phoenix Hetep MAAT

Video Assignment
– List important themes presented
o Shetaut Neter is the Ancient religion of Africa. There was a relationship with the early Kemetian culture and the rest of civilization at that time.
o Temple of Aset/Sema Institute- a Spiritual community that studies and implements the practices/disciplines of the Ancient Egyptian religion Shetaut Neter.
o Before all the other world religions of today, the Kemetic/Neterian culture (Religion) was created and highly civilized.
o It is important to have a righteous Spiritual Preceptor in order for the teachings to become effective
o Striations on the Sphinx was caused by water damage. The last time it rained in that region was in 10,000-7,000 B.C, so the Sphinx had to have been made before that. The Sphinx is evidence of an advanced culture and Spirituality. From this Spirituality others began to form in different regions within 100 yrs.
o The Ancient Kemetians were descendants (genetically related) to the Nubians. During those times the way you could tell the difference between them was the head dress.
o The founder of the Neterianism is Lord Kepri.
o The sailing of the divine boat symbolizes the movement (vibrations) of the waters (matter). When the movement of the waters stop, everything will go back to its original form (Nun).
o Shetaut means Hidden/ Neter means Divinity- Shetaut Neter means the Teachings of the Hidden Divinity
o Shemsu means follower- doing something life, learning life, thinking life- BECOMING LIFE.
o Nebedjer= the All-Encompassing Divinity (Creator). The Cosmic forces, also known as the Gods/Goddess come from Nebedjer. They are the powers within us and are the key to Enlightenment. They assist the human mind to understanding (I KNOW THYSELF)!
By acting like the divinities, we become them.
o Images of the Divine: Anthropomorphic- as a human being / Zoomorphic- as animals/ Composite form- implementing both. This Iconography communicates the power of the Gods/Goddess’s.
o The difference between Ancient African religions and the religions of today. (Mysticism vs. Idolatry)
o The important books to read on Egyptian Yoga written by Sebai Maa and Seba Dja.
– Explain what impressed you most in this presentation
o The many correlations shown within the Ancient Egyptian cultures and how rapid the practices from the Ancient Egyptian Spirituality spread to other countries. Those countries created their own system of Spirituality based on the practices of Kemet.
o Harper Songs section of the lecture. The describing of the Netherworld… its abiding peace! HTP!