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Phoenix Hetep MAAT

1. What are the main teachings brought out in the audio lecture recording? Explain in your own words
(The audio kept freezing, causing the recording to start over. I was not able to listen to it in its entirety, however below are the main teachings I got from what I was able to listen to)
a. Everyone in life is searching and has desires, some being higher or lower. All desires within the world of time and space are fleeting, most people come to a point in their life when the question “there’s gotta be more to life than this?!” is asked. This is when most people begin to search for answers in a Spiritual practice. When a complete Spiritual path begins the person starts to understand from a Universal consciousness the meaning of life.
b. Shetaut Neter is an authentic, abiding spiritual path that will give a person complete spiritual practices towards Nehast (enlightenment). It is a very holistic system/philosophy focusing on purifying the Mind, Body and Soul.
c. The 4 Shedy disciplines (Wisdom, Meditation, Devotion, and Righteous Action) are integral- meaning all areas of the personality becomes balanced/purified when these disciplines are correctly implemented, practiced, and lived.
d. Purification of all aspects of the personality- feelings, emotions, physical nature etc. is needed (prerequisite) in order to truly practice and integrate the teachings. The Neteru (Gods/Goddess) – Asar (Soul), Aset (Intuitional Wisdom), Set (Ego Personality), Nebthet (Desire for material things-Human) and Heru (Spiritual Redemptive Aspiration) represents the cosmic forces within each of us and the Universe. Neberdjer manifests as the Gods/Goddess and during the purification state, an aspirant is working towards purifying the ignorance created by the egoistic individual personality, which makes them a slave to the cosmic forces instead of the Master. As purification happens and is done, and aspirant understands that they and Neteru are One! The aspirant then continues to transcend towards Nehast (enlightenment), discovering the All-encompassing Self (Neberdjer).
e. The movement backwards in the Spiritual journey of purifying the personality, mind, and bodies, is just as important as the movement forward. Because a constant movement forward in life without going back to purify what was left can cause a person to grow in certain Spiritual areas, while other areas remain dull. This can cause many problems such as mental agitation, health issues and/or physical issues. Practicing the Shedy disciplines requires that all areas need to be touched in an integrated way so that Balance and Order (MAAT) can happen.
2. Are you currently implementing the teaching given in the book and lecture? Yes
If so which one(s)? I follow each of the Shedy disciplines- Meditation and Wisdom tend to be the practices I migrate to easily, however I want to have a balance within my Spiritual Growth, so I make a Maakheru (mental will) to balance the practices in Devotion and Righteous Action with the others as well.
I am purifying my Mind, Body, and Soul from the impurities/impressions created by the egoistic personality self.
For the Body- I am Vegan, and have been for 9 months now. One of the challenges I face is the desire for snacks (chips, cookies, cake etc). Giving up animal meat/fish and dairy products as the main food item came easy to me, but the snacking has not. I find myself giving into the desire of eating fries, rice, bread and sometimes non-meat processed foods as well. Since I was a child, snacking has always been something I’ve done in excess… it was an addiction for me that I am working towards purifying! I also exercise and am getting into Egyptian Yoga (exercise), not yet consistently but this will change. I have been practicing sex sublimation as well, I’m currently in a relationship with someone who does not follow the teaching of the Kemetic Spirituality at this point, so this level towards purification has been difficult in many ways.
For the Mind and Soul- I no longer watch television Monday-Friday, and if I do (only when I’m with my partner), I limit the time and try my best to watch something that promotes positive thoughts. On the weekends (Saturday-Sunday) I will watch television more because I am with my partner 80% of the time. When it comes to the music I listen to it is mainly African Tribal, Meditation, and/or contemporary instrumental music. Sometimes, I will go back to listening to the secular music I used to play on a regular basis. This is an area that I am currently working on because my mind can easily connect to energy coming from people and things.
3. If not then how will you implement the teachings you are not currently practicing, in your life and Spiritual practice?
I implement the teachings in my life and Spiritual practice, I believe I have reached that point where I need to be more diligent, consistent, disciplined and relentless, not allowing myself to become complacent, resulting in a spiraling back down into ignorance and egoistic slavery.
I am “Heru” (Spiritual Redemptive Aspiration) in battle with “Set” (Egoistic Personality)! Receiving the knowledge from Aset (Intuitional Wisdom) and learning how to overcome, control, and unify my lower self with my Higher.
For the areas needing continual purifying/growth mentioned above, I will continue to practice the Shedy disciplines, as well as Study, Reflect, and Apply the Spiritual teachings. Also participate in the weekly programs, webinars, conferences and chat meetings. Increase my consistency in Daily Worships, Egyptian Yoga (exercise), asking questions, and receiving/applying the knowledge given to me from my Spiritual Preceptors (Dua Sebai Maa & Seba Dja). I will also increase my will power and discipline when it comes to the practical world… what/who I surround myself with.
The Energy I put out is the Energy I get back (Aryu)!