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3A – Examine the area you’re in, in terms of the Temple and the Neteru you will meet there. Describe the feeling (before and after):
• This is fun, I can’t wait to get started (I’m clicking all over the place). Looking at the opposite side of the Temple, there’s nothing to be found there (meaning there’s nothing worth-wild that will satisfy my questions I have). I would like to see more images of Ra, Ramses, Amun, Aset, and Merenptah, as well as, read the wisdom teachings surrounding them.
• It would be nice to see how the Temple looks like at night time. After five days of logging in and out, navigating for about 30 minutes, I’m done (maybe it could be shortened from a week to five days. Either way I’m very appreciative of the course). Dua.
3B – The teachings I am receiving are the following:
• People who come to the Temple will be become a “Shining Spirit” for eternity. Also, Aset is a prominent aspect of the teachings.
• Ra is the ruler of Upper and lower Egypt.
• Ra is Ramses.
• Ra/ Ramses created this Temple and their actions along with the Temple causes becoming a “Shining Spirit” for eternity.
• Amun is the soul of Ra.
• Amun adores Ra.
• Merenptah is the son of Ra/ Ramses.
• Aset adores Ra.
Question – What are the different forms that Ast comes in? because when I was reading along with the text, I didn’t recognize one of the forms as being Ast, so I’m wondering how many different forms of Ast are there because I was only familiar with two. And, what’s the translation on the first pylon about?