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Lesson 11 List the important points covered in this lesson

It was really appreciated that there was another lesson to complete. It was a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the entire scripture from beginning to end experiencing all beauty, drama and triumph of the wisdom of the goddess and its ability to penetrate the mysteries of this illusory world and more so to feel her presence and guidance now. The depth of the teachings that was covered in the 10 lessons was really amazing going over it all at once with all the insights covered lesson by lesson. I humbly offer a summary of a few important points that were covered below. Sebai gave an overall summary of the scripture by reviewing some key terms covered in the scripture of Aset and Ra.

While interacting with the terms what stood out were the terms associated with the process of tying, weaving,binding and untying. What stood out is how creation came into existence through the tying, how Aset loosened the tie and tied a new bond bringing creation back into existence with dual awareness. Wisdom expanded from knowledge of the lower mysteries to conscious awareness or wisdom of the higher mysteries to intuition. Sebai mentioned in a feedback post that taking an object that is already in solid form such as an apple and uncreating it takes a lot of effort, however uncreation from the unconscious mind level or the heart level is the work of the initiate. The human personality is said to be unaware of approximately 95% of the contents of the subconscious mind and even less aware of the contents of the unconscious mind. This scripture of Aset and Ra reveals to us that Aset is a human woman just like us.She is an initiate just like us. She will go into the unconscious mind and dismantle creation breaking the illusion of it and then bring it back without the illusion.
How is creation formed in the first place.

The glyph M remain a very impactful glyph for understanding. M can mean in, as, into, in form of, through. In the English language, in, as, into, etc are considered particle, a small unit of matter or a part of speech expressing an aspect of meaning or sharing a connective or limiting relation ( paraphrased from the Merriam- Webster English dictionary). Though the English alphabet language is limited in defining an abstract concept unlike the hieroglyphs, from its attempt a few things were envisioned. One is that the M glyph is a connecting glyph, a sort of crutch itself. Since Medu Neter is itself a crutch for the divine the idea that M is one of the most important glyph makes sense. Two what is between connected is the absolute, transcendental essence, in, as, into concept or in, as, into, within, as, through the mind. The Transcendental by way of creative will is coming into thought. The M then appears to be a bridge or a tunnel or a projector, allowing something that IS to ”appear” as something else.

The Tjez
The creation story of ancient Kemet tells us that Before the beginning (of anything), there is a primordial ocean, an “ocean” of consciousness, unformed matter, and nothingness or one may say everythingness but in no particular identifiable arrangement. It just is. This nun is the body of what the sages of ancient kemet call the divine source, the absolute, the divine essence of all, the all encompassing spirit. Today we call this God. Within the container or body of God is the concept of the Universal Soul(Ba) and the Divine Light ( Akh) and its creative will power (Khu). The creative will of God caused a part of the unformed matter, the body or garment of the God, to be transformed or reflected through/into a concept called creation by activating a weaving process (tjez). It began first as a subtle movement, vibration, which caused a single abstract point to be materialized, conceptualized. It is given a time and space in order to “exist”.

The absolute emerged as a dual divinity into its own thought as a creator, sustainer and dissolver of what is being conceptualized. Emerging along with the creator from but still within the body of God is its cosmic mind that understands the thoughts being thought by God, the power to carry it out, and the structure and order needed to form it. All the material being used to weave creation into being is coming from the fabric of the divine and are therefore all the divine.

If the vibrations stopped,or if the time and space ceased to be, the concept of creation would return to the unformed nun. The thought would come and go uneventfully. It kept vibrating although moving subtly almost still, causing the space around it to also move causing aggregates or clumping together of other concepts to form an element. The vibration continued until other cosmic forces emerged including the heavens and the earth. The weaving process tightly knits (tjez)the materials of creation together forming a bond that became less and less subtle, more and more gross and more and more formed.

Meaning, the concept appeared more and more separate from the surrounding unformed subtle body of God. When in fact there is no separation, it is all the body of God held together by a single thread. The subtle vibration and weaving continued as the elements clumped together, formed more ideas until the concept of human beings came to be.

There are cosmic principles everywhere, humans ourselves manifesting as those cosmic forces. A human being we are told is made up of not only different arrangements of the 5 subtle cosmic forces, creator, time, space, heaven, earth, but also contain the lower grosser forces such as a soul, wisdom, death, and ego personality and aspiration. The personality is further group into 4 aspects the will power, ability to learn and have intellect, emotions or feelings, and the ability to have thoughts and take action. Though everything that is created is the divine, the material acted upon has no actual existence except by the will of God and therefore I think has no individual thoughts, plans, reasoning nor desires.

As a result of coming INTO creation, the process causing more and more fluctuations, residue builds up over time. Residue within the unconscious mind of the human being forms a dull cloudy opacity. It becomes difficult to see that they are a concept, a thought and that our true existence is the absolute source of the thought. This causes much pain and suffering for a human being who may at times suspect that there is something mysterious about life to be known but not having the capacity or maturity to begin to ask the “right” questions. Wisdom is needed to begin this process, to birth an aspirant and to guide the aspiration to victory.
Lady Aset, a human personality in this whole concept, developed knowledge and wisdom of the concepts of creation that is known to man. These are the lower mysteries in life or lower sciences. She was learned in mathematics, history, medicine, etc. She reflected on all these science and concluded that they were all temporary concepts useful to humanity but would all end eventually in pain and suffering to those they once helped or at best could not permanently stop the pain and suffering a human being faced from being ignorant of their true nature. The idea of remaining a human lady was repudiating. Aset was disgusted with all the worldly pursuits
Aset who also studied the teachings of the temple had knowledge of the gods and goddesses and reflected on this choice as well. This choice was also rejected. The god and goddesses too were just concepts in creation and were although more subtle and closer to God than an ignorant human being, were still only existence in the mind in time and space. Aset then reflected on the human beings who had evolved beyond the gods and goddesses to be sheps, the closest a human can get to the divine in time and space. She concluded that if she can be an akhu sheps and be one step from the divine, why not go all the way and be God. That’s it then, I will be God. She listened to the teachings of the sages, integrated it into her life, focused her energy on truth and practiced deeper and deeper reflections and meditations.

God as we learned from the creation story through creative will took part of the unformed matter of its body and weaved it into creation. God willed itself within its own creation as
The creator (Khepera) in the morning, the sustainer at noon(Ra) and the dissolver in the evening (Tem). The symbol of God in creation in the sun the sustainer of life on Earth, the current home of human beings and Lady Aset. The God she sees, Ra in its three main forms we are told has another aspect beyond time and space, a transcendental, absolute aspect hidden within creation but also hidden from the human mind. Aset knew from all her time in the teachings and her experience in life that there is this other aspect of God that is its true name and that true name is a transcendental essence. She needs to know her true essence to end the illusion of life. She studied Ra as (he) moved across the sky. She noticed a life force it emanated all through creation. She collected this “drool” and saved it, wasting none in worldly pursuits as she had developed healthy dispassion for it all. An ordinary human being would likely become more sentimentally attached to objects in creation as they begin to die but Lady Aset is a true initiate and instead witnessed all the life force pouring from the ending of creation. Aset collected and kneaded this spittle. The life force energy is all around and infused in creation. It is apart of the fabric of creation that gives it the ability to exist and be enlivened (nafu n aunkh) and the ability to have dynamism or fire ( chet n aunkh). It is all apart of the nun we walk in everyday some of it bound together by the khu and tjez.

As Lady Aset developed deeper and deeper understanding (saa) about the concepts of creation the illusions of life began to die. And more doors to higher understanding began to open. As the illusions of life within her consciousness continue to die day by day Lady Aset collected its subtle energy and kneaded it and directed the previous energy she gave to those matters toward knowing herself. She in this way formed a one pointed focus of her mind and fixed in on knowing the true name of the creator.

The Utjez
Lady Aset was well provisioned with life force energy and having the poison and antidote for the poison that will kill Ra. She placed her complete focus(taffy shepsy) on the creator in its dissolving state. It laid still waiting for the right moment to strike the ultimate image of the creator in time and space.
With her wIll power purified, her relentlessness strong, her mind and heart steady and still like a hunter or fisher (Khak ab, antet begag, an chen), she pierced deep into the soul of the creator and remained still and steady for truth to reveal itself. As the fabric of God’s mind/heart that was once woven to form the opaque veil began to unravel, Aset remained still knowing it was all apart of the material of the illusion dissolving.
The unraveling caused creation to lose the fire of life which gives it dynamism and movement but also the breath of life which gives it relative existence. Aset was then lead by her purity of heart to the source as her/the essence and was able to lift out (utjez) her divine name. An initiate of the temple, a human woman through shemsu udja uncovered who she really is.

The Tjst

When the vibrations stopped,creation stopped.The contents of creation returned to an undifferentiated state. Now being the dual divinity Aset now has the ability to bring creation back without the opacity that once deluded her from her true essence. A firm binding trust is made between the aspirants and their inner wisdom capacity, mother and child. These two ropes are knitted together and the process begins again.