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Bastu Akhu: Udja Sebai, can you please expound on the ego as a function of the mind in relation to the precursor of the thoughts, enlightenment…can you run through that explanation one more time?

Sebai Maa: O.K. Dua. This is something again, that we’re dropping some hints and some little pieces here and there in the Amenomope series and we’re going to be getting into that big time when we get into chapters 6 and 18, so but, and I’m going to show some graphics…I was going to do graphics right now but we kind of don’t have time for that now. But essentially, if we think of the following…or lets not even think about the following, let’s look at the 2018 Conference. Do you remember the elements of the personality that we had going all the way from the Khat, all the way to the Akhu? So you have 9 aspects of the personality, and in there we have the conscious, we have the mind, we have the soul, we have the vitality, we have the shadow and the physical body and the name, so you have your ego in there, (which is your mind and your name) we have your unconscious mind and your ab, and remember that we talked about the concept of Khenty—of Khenty Amenti? Khenty means foremost, Amenti means the West. The Foremost of the West that is Asar, that is the soul, and there is a…that’s your individual identity in your mind of yourself, and most people start thinking ‘oh this is who I am’ this center of identity that develops in the mind.

So ego is actually a function of the mind. The mind has several functions. One is ego, one is intellect, one is memory, manifesting feelings, so it has different functions and ego is one of them, and ego is basically a center or a nidus of identity that relates to the other aspects, the other functions of the mind. So now we have all of that, and that’s still within the 9 aspects. So what occurs prior to the 9 aspects of the personality? That is Ra or Neterty, which however you want to put it, or the Un Nefer or Neberdjer—that is the precursor. So the whole process, the whole purpose of the teaching is to discover that precursor aspect of self, and that precursor aspect is the Universal self—the Absolute self beyond mind, beyond the senses, beyond feelings, beyond your individual ego identity, and so once you discover that absolute then there is a realization, and a factual realization not just theoretical, that everything that occurs post of that conscious awareness, of that Absolute, that is all illusory…meaning that it’s changeable, it is finite, it is really…all of that is really an object of observation and awareness for that Absolute consciousness awareness that is a precursor of everything.

So that Absolute is the ultimate, the subject, the Absolute consciousness awareness that’s the substratum, and everything else that that is aware of is an object that it has brought into existence by causing part of itself to appear as not itself. So everything is consciousness but it appears as solid objects. And so in order to relate one self in the mind, one has to have perception of objects. So in order to have perception in time and space (to have human existence in time and space) one needs to have the capacity to have ego identity of time and space and also to be able to have perception of objects. And so in order to have that the objects have to appear as something else other than consciousness, because otherwise consciousness would only know itself… consciousness—which is actually what happens when there is enlightenment. There is a recognition that you, yourself are the Absolute and everything else is composed of the Absolute, even though it appears as something else, and that is what is called enlightenment. When that understanding and that vision becomes stable (not just glimpses) so it becomes stable and it becomes the mainstay of your life…that is called enlightenment. And so you must understand that clearly, that that is the ultimate and the precursor. What it means, therefore, is that you have to understand and agree with the philosophy. You have to understand it intellectually first and then you have to allow your feelings to come along to accept that and support that. That basically, what it means is that your personality, and everything that has happened in your life, actually occurred in the environment of a cosmic (want to call it a dream) but it’s like a dreamlike situation—the cosmic mind, the events, and in a higher sense the events are composed of illusory objects that will dissolve back into consciousness one day. You, yourself (your ego) that developed through this lifetime, that is illusory—that little nidus in your mind that says ‘oh this is me.’ The thoughts that you have about desires or about objects that you think about, those are all illusory also. The objects themselves are illusory. The mind that you’re using is composed of consciousness so that’s illusory. The ego that is thinking about those as objects, that’s also illusory. So,the whole construct is illusory and that’s why Aset wants out! That’s why She understands, at least intellectually, to that point, She says ‘I’m out of here, this is crazy…and you tell me I’m gonna come back to have another life so that this can happen again?’ No! No, no, let’s do something else, and let’s not let Ra’s nedjem nedjemu statements dissuade us. Let’s not let our mind think ‘oh it would be so, so nice to have a family’…’it would be oh so nice to bring a child into the world’…’oh so nice to have ice cream’…’oh it would be so nice if I could get a big house.’ All of that is illusory and it all goes away and also it becomes a burden, especially as you get older and in the absence of enlightenment. So you need to (for a person who is thinking) needs to unburden themselves as much as possible and not create new burdens, just like Amenomope says, “You don’t create new burdens to obstruct yourself in order to have the opportunity to be in the hand of God.” That’s his language, which is the same as Neter-Neterty—as going into Neter-Neterty. Going into Neter-Neterty, having communion beyond mind, beyond senses, beyond body and then coming out as Rech Ra—as a knower of Ra. That’s the title of a person who does that, and that’s another way of saying an enlightened being, an Akhu…Akhu Shemsu. O.K.