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Lesson 11a Reading Assignment pp.155-168

Describe the “Hetep Slab”
The “Hetep Slab” or offering table is an important tantric symbol and ritual artifact from Ancient Egypt. It is composed of a stone slab with a make thigh and female duck symbol carved into the top along with the symbol of supreme peace or Hetep, which consists of a loaf of bread and an offering mat which was composed of wooden reeves and two libation vessels. In ancient times the actual offering mat consisted of the articles themselves (loaf, thigh, duck, and libation fluids (water, wine or milk) on a reed mat or wooden ritual offering table but in Dynastic times the table to or slab contained the articles as engraved glyphs. The top of the table has grooves which channel the libation around the offering toward the front and center of the table and then out through the outermost point of the protruding section. The hetep symbol means “rest”, “peace”, and “satisfaction” and when it is used in the hetep offering ritual it refers to the satisfaction of the neters (Gods and Goddesses) which comes from uniting the male and female principles into one Transcendental being.
You should try not to come in to the Temple harboring thoughts of anger, hatred, greed, lust, jealousy, envy and so forth.

Write a brief essay about how to conduct oneself in the temple
First, it is important to ensure one is clean before entering the temple. Such cleansing occurs on different levels, physical but also in terms of one’s speech, thoughts and feelings. One must be pure of heart. It is important that one is free of all negativities such as anger, hatred, envy, lust etc. One should also ensure that one does not engage in such carnal relations as sex or the eating of meat as this brings vibrations that will agitate the mind and interfere with the spiritual process. Leave all worldly thoughts, concerns and possessions behind since one is occupying a sacred space. It is also important that one’s demeanor is one of silence, introversion, and meditative.

What is the meaning of the term “Seba”? Seba also means illuminating force which is what a Seba does, illuminate.

Seba is the spiritual preceptor in kemetic spirituality. Also, “Sehu” means spiritual counselor

Name the different ways you can sit in the temple
One is the crossed leg posture; the lotus or half lotus posture; one may also sit on a chair with legs together and hands on both sides. One may also sit on the ground with feet together as if you were sitting on a chair, with your feet together or the same posture and grasping your legs side to side and holding your legs together.
How can you love someone you do not even know. You must get to see a connection and develop a feeling, a connection and understanding of the divinity. Devotion in your worship, divine love is the key, but devotion without wisdom is blind faith and wisdom without devotion is dry intellectualism.

Hygiene of your body, speech, and of your mind are the three major concerns for an initiate

Sedjm means heeding the teaching while taking care of worldly responsibilities
After practicing for many years and not becoming enlightened the recourse as an aspirant should take is:
1. Repeated effort and
2. Dispassion (becoming free from delusion about the world and desire and hatred)
which clouds intellect
3. Devotion with form
a) This secures divine grace