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Level 1 Lesson 11A –Audio Assignment
1)The main teachings brought out of the lecture recordings
This lesson is concerned with the Etiquette and decorum practiced by initiates when entering the temple or in front of the spiritual preceptor. The points were made that when entering the temple one should ensure that one is purified mentally, physically and spiritually. One sure ensure that one does not carry enter with worldly possessions and to engage in the proper postures never extending one’s feet towards the divinity. One should sit upright as a Djed pillar as such posture maximizes the benefits of one’s spiritual practice.

It is also important that one wears light colored clothing as well as engage in proper hygiene as this relates to one’s speech and thoughts. One would therefore take showers for the mouth this taking the form of divine chants as well as showers for the mind in the form of meditation. Chanting should be done whenever one is beginning a meeting as doing so cleanses the space and prepares one mentally for what is to occur.
It is important that the intellectual components of one’s practice is balanced by the emotional component. Wisdom without devotion is dry intellectualism while devotion without wisdom is blind faith. It is therefore imperative that one’s yoga practice be done in an integral fashion. In this manner our minds will be continuously focused on the divine.

Upon approaching one’s preceptor, it is important to prostrate oneself, perform the Dua posture and great them with Hotep. “Seba” means illuminating force who illumes the Sebat, the student who receives the teaching and gives birth to an enlightened consciousness. It is interesting that Seba Ur also refers to the North Star constellation which never moves which is what the aspirant should strive for.
It was also pointed out that relationships should be cordial but not friendly in the worldly sense. In the temple one should be quite and introspective. One should listen to and reflect on the teachings on a regular basis. If we do have some discord with others, we should be the first to forgive and with forgiveness comes understanding. We must be cleansed of all worldly desires and emotions such as anger, envy greed, lust etc. as such ego based emotions and desires are never fulfilled and only brings pain and suffering.

2) Are your currently implementing the teachings?
Overall I think that my yoga practiced has improved particularly in those areas in which I am more consistently engaged including Tief Neteru and my formal devotional practice. I have also been attending the various lectures such as the special teachings on the Temple of Asar. Those areas where I have fallen of include completing my lessons for the two courses I am presently taking. This I attribute mostly to the level of engagement in my work as a teacher. Since the summer break it has been quite a challenge finding a balance between my spiritual and professional life. Completing this assignment will hopefully be a first step in reestablishing my equilibrium with my Kemetic coursework.

3) Look for one other student’s posting of their lesson and the feedback they received. Say what you found was remarkable in the exchange
In discussing the challenges they confronted in their practice the aspirant stated that “Sometimes it is difficult to prevent becoming frustrated, but I do find it rewarding caring for my children” Sebai Maa responded by pointing out that what is truly rewarding was purity of heart and detachment and dispassion. Moreover, it was also pointed out that one should view family relations as a service to humanity performing our duties in a selfless manner and not with egoism and pride. I can relate to how one’s worldly duties can sometimes impede one’s spiritual practice. As a teacher I have also learned to spiritualize my work as a teacher approaching it as a form of service which may however, from an egoistic point of view, serve to justify the time I invest in my teaching at the price of taking time away from my formal spiritual practice.