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Response to Shems Yashi’s post 19532
Dua Shems Yashi. I appreciated reading the important points your brought forth from the lesson and the higher implications they mean for all but notably how they may impact you on your journey. When you recall “The boat is empty” and “Temu’s throne is vacant” the visual of the Aker image. Though there is no image nor form that fully captures Aset’s experience at this point, the Aker came to mind. .
In your writing on the zet tepi you mentioned Aset’s discussion of the first rising of Ra in this creation alluding to the time when one is becoming enlightened. This speaking of a time to come when Heru will be born and know truth from the pact made between Aset Intuition and Ra.This is a very powerful aspect of the scripture.The way you expressed it was clear and understandable.