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Which hieroglyphic term covered in this lesson was most captivating to your personality and why?
The term that captivated me the most is hehuty in vs 103. The full verse reads hehuty -a ma Aset pert ren -a m which contextually means to be looked through without obstruction. My name shall come forth which is in…….
Hehuty means open/inspection or to look through. Sebai expounded on this meaning further to say it represents me, the aspirant opening the door to the shemsu udja, the full force of the spiritual practice which nature can not resist. The ego is no longer encrusted and therefore no longer blocking me. This brings me back to the stories of traveling through the amt duat. As I travel through the different divisions, doors are open according to the state of mind and purity of heart and power of my conscious awareness. Ra is the last door or barrier to look through and that door is now open. This is the goal of the entire spiritual practice as a Shems so this openness/expansion is captivating and inviting.