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Lesson 10
What teaching(s) did you learn in this lesson do you need to reflect on more or start to apply or work diligently on implementing on your personality, mentally, emotionally, metaphysically, or otherwise to emulate human Lady Aset on her path?

There were many important lessons that made an impact during this lesson from Sebai’s teachings on the verses and during the monthly feedback meetings . Some of them include:
Don’t give the world a break, press on and stab it in the heart.
I find that there is no satisfaction in worldly pursuits no matter how much you follow these pursuits. One has to be content that there is no satisfaction.
For those who want to remain in the delusion to enjoy life,” Do it until you’re satisfied”
A, First step is to NOT DO IT AT ALL. This will allow development of higher introspection, one should extricate from the world and from worldly enjoyments.
B. Second is to do it wisely, with less intensity and with gentleness
C. If you have no choice but to do it, understand it will lead to suffering. Do it until you have enough of the pain and suffering.
This is important to my process because there is sometimes an idea that the next time will be different or that there will be some discomfort but the benefit outweighs it. However, the idea that living with pain and suffering is an eventual outcome of worldly pursuits is not words to take heed to. The idea that it is the resistance that leads to higher introspection is encouraging.
After going beyond time and space into the absolute coming back allows the time and space illusion to return in YOUR OWN PERCEPTION for practical reasons.
I was corrected here from my post to have a deeper understanding of the ideas that everyone has their own illusion to work through. That highlights for me how much of an illusion the illusion is that we all have our own made up, created so called experiences.
I remember us discussing this in an early lesson but reinforcing it here is profound.