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Phoenix Hetep MAAT

Blood= Intoxication with worldly desire “I am the body (flesh & blood)”

Beer= Intoxication with worldly pleasure.
Ignorance/actions seeking happiness in time/space

Mandrake= GOD STUFF! Intoxication with Bau (Souls of Ra)
Fullness/Infinity/Peace- comes through self knowledge
– the potion is given to Hetheru by Dejehuti. It restored her back to enlightenment of one self from living in the world.
– Hetheru became so engulfed by the world and the desires of the lower egoistic self that when Dejehuti came to restore her, she almost killed him as well. Hetheru in this state is us when we live according to the ignorance of the egoistic mind, killing our brothers/sisters as well.

Souls of Ra-
Ra infused his souls into the mandrake
– Full of Divine Light which leads to Enlightenment (Nehast)
– You want the Souls of Ra to expand within you so that the Light can expand as well and destroy the ego.

When Seba Dja spoke on how we will have some “blood” and/or “beer” in us, one may be more than the other. We also may have some “mandrake” as well. The ultimate goal is to take in more “mandrake” so that the “blood and beer” can be cleansed. Leaving only the “Mandrake” aka Light of Self. That gave me reassurance in knowing that the process it takes to reach a point of egoistic cleansing is recognized and welcomed!

-Is there somewhere I can access the Neterian Creed?
– Because the studies/disciplines of the Shetaut Neter are integral, is it possible to take in too much “mandrake”? And if so, how do you know when you have?